Would have loved to have seen Ed Orgeron get that LSU gig: he’s one of their own, he wanted it badly, and it would have been great to see a guy like that, who has paid his dues, get a shot at his dream job. But also safe to assume, that dream is dead after LSU came up short against Florida.

And it’s not even just that they came up short, but how they came up short. They could have won that game. They should have won that game. And would have if they cashed in their opportunities; because they had plenty of them. Five goal to go situations resulted in just 10 points. Unimaginative play calling got them beat. And it got Les Miles fired. And it’s going to prevent Orgeron from getting that gig full time.

I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb to say he needed that one to have a shot at that gig full time.

So now what for LSU. No secret here; they’ll do everything they can to pull Jimbo Fisher out of Tallahassee. I just don’t see what they have to offer him that’s better than what he already has at Florida State. And he has already turned them down once. Plus, it’s much easier to rip the ACC Atlantic than to try to fight your way out of the SEC West. I don’t see him going anywhere.

So then LSU goes back to Tom Herman. Herman could do it; and they could offer him something significantly better than what he has in Houston. But not significantly better than what he is about to get in Austin.

U-T is obviously a better fit for him than LSU is. I’m a big Larry Fedora fan but you have to wonder if that’s who LSU had in mind when they fired Les Miles. Actually, you don’t. You know it wasn’t.

I’m not saying you don’t fire Les Miles. But I am saying, if you do, you better have a killer ready to replace him. And it looks like they don’t.


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