I don’t have a huge problem with Texas firing Charlie Strong. Errrrrr, evaluating him after the season finale against TCU. But I do have a problem with how the administration has handled this. Because they couldn’t be handling it any worse.

If you’re going to fire the guy, just fire him. And they are going to fire him. So stop with this nonsense about how they’re going to evaluate him after the season finale: he’s 16-20 since arriving and he just lost to 1-9 Kansas. Trust me. Their evaluation is complete. He’s done.

I like Charlie Strong. Good man. Good coach. I’d have no problem if they brought him back and gave him one more year. But they’re not. And since they’re not, make it a good, clean, dignified kill. He deserves better.

Why are you stretching this out and letting this guy twist? And making him endure another week of having to answer whether or not he’s going to be back when we all know he won’t be. Why the hell would you do that to this guy? Why let him twist for another week. Because quote, you don’t fire guys during the season? Well, you should.

It should have been done before he made it to the locker room after losing to Kansas. Believe me, Charlie Strong would have appreciated that a helluva more than how Texas is handling it now.

This is a dignified dude, who gave you everything he had. It didn’t work out. He can handle that. And there’s a right way and a wrong way to handle it and this is the wrong way. All wrong. Texas better hope that Tom Herman doesn’t look at that and say, that’s jacked up. I’m not sure I’d want to go to work there if that’s how they handle their business.

They have so much to offer there, that probably won’t be a deal breaker, but if I were Herman, that would be a cause for a concern. A red flag.


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