The Golden State Warriors beat the Indiana Pacers 120-83 on Monday night, giving the Pacers their worst home loss in franchise history and marking the Warriors eighth straight win of the season. Warriors veteran Shaun Livingston believes the team’s chemistry is already clicking so early in the season, after an off-season of drastic roster changes.

“I think we’re setting in. I think guys are getting comfortable with their roles, roles are solidifying,” Livingston told The Jim Rome Show. “Guys are getting comfortable with each other. We’re moving the ball, we’re finding out where each guy kind of feels comfortable out there on the court, and I think every game is a test for us, for us to play together and continue to try to find some chemistry.”

Livingston talked about how their unselfish style of offense has so easily incorporated Kevin Durant, a four-time NBA regular season scoring champion.

“Seeing how he played, he’s a guy that can make plays. He can play, his game is very versatile he has so much fire power on the offensive end as far as being effective. Whether it’s at the post, at the 3, off the dribble, pick and rolls, isolation, I mean he has the full package,” Livingston said of Durant. “He’s willing to move the ball and make the right play, and I think that’s where it starts. That’s kind of the tone that we’ve set the past couple years in just being able to make the right play, make the extra pass, and I think the game comes around easier that way.”

As for the transition in the locker room with Durant, Livingston seems to indicate that’s been ever easier.

“He’s a great teammate,” Livingston said. “I mean you can tell he’s been a leader for the past eight years, leading the team and learning how to make guys better. He’s a hard worker, he lets his work ethic do the talking. He’s a great teammate, even better person, and that’s the type of chemistry you need, when you’re in the trenches with guys, you want to feel like guys have your back. We’re all positive, we’re all pulling for each other. I mean, we all want to see each other win, and I think that’s the caliber for a championship team.”

Having chased winning the NBA Finals in 2015 with the greatest regular season record of all-time last year by signing Durant, a massive spotlight has been shined on the organization’s every move, something Livingston says they’ve been prepared for.

“That just comes with the territory,” Livingston said. “Steve Kerr has done a great job just preparing us for what’s about to happen. Obviously his experience is invaluable playing with that Bulls team. You know, the type of attention that they were getting and playing with the Spurs as well. So just preparing us for what was about to happen, the critics, the media, this is what comes with the territory.

“Having a player like Kevin Durant coming on our team, and the past two years that we’ve had, I think it’s built up and it’s kind of prepared us for what’s about to happen this year.”


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