If you’re not a Chiefs fan: and you’re watching that game against Denver last night, you’re thinking, “Who the hell is Tyreek Hill and why didn’t they unleash him sooner? Especially in that offense.”

The thing is: the Chiefs knew who he was. They knew his speed and potential, which is why they were willing to take all the heat they took for drafting him after he pled guilty to assaulting his pregnant girlfriend. They knew that without someone like Hill, their offense was just okay.

Which is essentially what I said on The NFL Today On CBS a couple of weeks back; the rant that Chiefs’ fans all freaked out on. The thing I said, right before they took the field and were upset by Tampa Bay. That they were good, not great and weren’t going to make any kind of run with that offense and Alex Smith under center. That Smith was the type of player that won’t get you beat, but won’t make the types of plays that win playoff games, much less the Super Bowl. And that’s the way he looked for much of last night.  And I’m still not coming off that. Alex Smith is a good but not great quarterback, who doesn’t strike fear into opposing defenses and won’t lead you deep into the playoffs.

And as long as we’re talking about fear and defenses, how about a word on Justin Houston? This guy is barely back and is already the stuff of nightmares for offensive linemen. 10 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 forced fumble. In a game. That’s a really nice season for most guys and this dude did it in one game, and it’s just his second game back from knee surgery. If he can keep that up, or something close to it, and the offense has a little juice going down the stretch, the Chiefs might…might actually have a say in this. Might.

Because those two make this team look much different than it has looked all season.

I’m still riding with the Raiders as I have been since Week 1, but Hill and Houston definitely give them a dimension they haven’t had in a while.


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