In one of the most Jim Harbaugh moves of all time, instead of just tipping his hat to Ohio State in one of their best rivalry matchups ever, he instead, went all in on the refs, essentially, blaming them for the loss.

Most coaches in that situation, will say, there may have been a questionable call or a questionable spot but that’s not the reason we lost the game. Harbaugh made it pretty clear, that’s exactly why they lost the game. Because the refs ripped it from Michigan and gave it to Ohio State:


Wrong answer, Jim.

As always, whenever a coach is complaining about how the officials cost them the game, they didn’t cost you the game. The officials didn’t cost you that game, Jimbo.

But I’ll tell you what did. A number of things, actually. Starting with the head coach himself. You getting flagged for having that temper tantrum. You can’t be throwing stuff on the sideline. And breaking gear on the sideline. How do you not know that? And how do you not know that they’ll throw a flag for it when you do? A flag that hurt your team. Instead of pointing the finger at the refs, look in the mirror. And then check yourself.

And you know what was even more damaging than you losing your dome and getting flagged for it? Your team turning it over three times on the road, including a gift pick six and a fumble on the Ohio State one yard line. That’s why you lost the game, not because the officials screwed you. You take care of the football, and you win the game. Probably by double digits. You didn’t and you lost, it’s a simple as that.

Your team dominated the game for most of the day. How many chances did you have to drive a stake through the Buckeyes’ heart? You had a ten point lead in the second half. And you didn’t finish. So wear that. Own that. Scoreboard. Look up at it. Ohio State 30.  Michigan 27.

End of discussion.



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