I was all set to start the program by talking about Ohio State’s dramatic come from behind victory of Michigan and to discuss how Jim Harbaugh could not have handled the defeat any worse than he did…but that was prior to seeing tragedy unfold on the Ohio State campus this morning.

Law enforcement officials say nine people have been transported to hospitals and a suspect has been killed at Ohio State University.

There’s nothing more terrifying or more senseless. Thoughts and prayers to everyone involved and our thoughts are with everyone in Columbus.

Fact is, I have plenty of thoughts on that game. And the aftermath. And Jim Harbaugh’s post-game comments where he went all in on the refs. But as ridiculous as his comments were, and they were embarrassing, they obviously pale in comparison to what’s happening this morning. How can I get all worked up about Harbaugh going Harbaugh again, when there are multiple people going to hospital. And the answer is, I can’t.

Nor should we. The primary issue this morning isn’t that Ohio State came back on Michigan and Harbaugh lost his mind and blamed it on the refs. It’s that we had someone seriously injuring multiple people; and another example of a wanton disregard for human life. That’s the main thing right now. Not what happened Saturday.

I’ll get to that game a little later on, but here’s important to acknowledge those affected and let Columbus know we’re thinking of them.


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