A day after being hired as the University of Texas’s new head football coach, Tom Herman joined The Jim Rome Show and talked about the emotions of accepting the position and also acknowledged that the job became a reality with help of those around him at Houston.

“This is a dream come true for me and my family,” Herman said of becoming the program’s 30th head football coach. “But ‘Tom Herman, Head Coach at the University of Texas’ wouldn’t be possible without the people that we’ve surrounded ourselves [with] in the last couple of years and the great players and administration at the University of Houston too. So I’m definitely appreciative of all of that which has lead us to that point, but yeah, I still haven’t gotten use to saying it because it is a bit surreal to me.”

Regardless of the program’s prestige, Herman said accepting the job was not a guarantee.

“I didn’t say yes immediately,” Herman said. “I think I had to be very aligned with the vision of President Penves and Athletic Director Mike Perrin. They had a vision of what Texas football should be and how to get there as well did I, and so I needed to make sure that those two visions aligned or else you’re probably doomed for failure if you don’t, but through the meetings I had with them or meeting I should say or the multiple hour meeting, I was convinced and so were they that our visions could align, and that we would be given every resource necessary here at the University of Texas to compete for and win championships.”

As for reports of other schools speaking to Herman about their head coaching vacancies, the 41-year-old refused to confirm or deny any report.

“I don’t think how we got here is really relevant,” Herman said. “What’s relevant is the kids in that locker room here at the University of Texas and the recruits that I’m going to go try to sign. There’s been a lot of speculation, I can tell you most of the speculation is false, but I think just trying to stick to what’s relevant is that we’re here now, and I’m excited to coach these guys and get on the road recruiting.”

However, Herman did talk about the difficult time he had leaving the University of Houston.

“It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I cried in front of them when I left. I went in my office there at Houston and shut the door and cried like a baby, because those guys had invested so much into our way of doing things,” Herman said. “And as I said on kind of an open letter to them and the University of Houston, one is I wanted them to know I never lied to them, and I kept them in the loop the entire way. We’d have meetings, probably three different meetings, and everything that I told them in those meetings was true and factual.

“Then I wanted to thank them, and let them know coaches come and go, and that loyalty doesn’t mean… Loyalty means giving 100 percent of your time, effort and energy to the people and the place that you’re at. It doesn’t mean blindly turning down an opportunity to better your family and your career for no reason. And so I needed them to know that, and I needed them to know that I never lied to them. But it was really, really hard and I cried, but those guys in that room, those players, every text, every phone call I’ve gotten from them, and there’s been a bunch, there’s probably 30 or 40 of them I’ve gotten over the last two days, has been coach thank you, you’ve changed my life for the better. Everything has been positive from the players.”



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