Jose Aldo told that he’s not surprised that Conor McGregor is vacating his featherweight title to keep his 155 pound belt but that he still wants another shot at him.

McGregor, of course, won the 145 pound belt when he knocked Aldo out in 13 seconds at UFC 194.

But either Aldo suffered brain damage when it happened or amnesia, because he is somehow convinced that it never really happened. That he was never really knocked out by McGregor. He says, and I quote, “in my opinion, I never stopped being the champion. I lost that fight because of an accident.”

In your opinion, you never stopped being the champion?!?.  Oh. OK.

In my opinion, I’m Major League Baseball’s all-time home run leader. In my opinion, I was the first man ever to walk on the moon. In my opinion, I was the guy to break the barrier and run the first four minute mile in history! Trust me, Jose, you did stop being the champion. 13 seconds after you walked into the cage, you stopped being the champion. And there isn’t anyone anywhere, besides you, who doesn’t think so.

And as far as you saying you lost that fight because of quote an accident, that might be the single worst take I have ever from an athlete in defeat. Especially, considering you got knocked the hell out. That’s no accident. You stood in front of McGregor and he caved your face in.

What the hell is accidental about that?! That’s like boxers or combat fighters getting cold-cocked and saying, yeah, that was just a lucky punch: there’s no such thing as a lucky punch; you land it, you get credit for it. There’s no luck involved.

An accident is knocking over a glass a milk. An accident is dropping your new iPhone into the toilet. You getting iced 13 seconds into your biggest fight ever was no accident, that was you getting knocked the hell out by a better fighter.

And to say otherwise is a joke… Just like you calling him a coward is a joke: something else he did in the interview.. Aldo said, “it’s not my fault that he’s a coward… He was never the champion.”

He was never the champion? He was the first fighter to be champion in two divisions at the same time in UFC history; what the hell do you mean he was never the champion? He was a multiple champion, simultaneously.

Never mind the worst take ever, this is the worst interview ever. He’s not leaving that division because he’s afraid of you, Jose. You had your shot, and you got clocked. Now take a page of Eddie Alvarez’s book; his fight with Conor McGregor didn’t go much better than yours did, but he manned up and he owned it. And admitted he fought a terrible fight strategically. He couldn’t have handled a bad beat any better than he did.  And you, Jose, could not be handling your beat down any worse.

You had your shot and you got knocked the hell out. Turn the page.


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