The Packers cracked the Eagles last night, in their house, 27-13, to keep their season alive and to essentially end Philly’s.

Philly is busted up physically, without any playmakers at all, and going nowhere.

And considering this is the Green Bay team we had expected all along, the question is, have they finally figured it out and are they about to go on the run Aaron Rodgers talked about when he said they could run the table? Unlikely.

Because what did this game really tell us?. One, that Aaron Rodgers isn’t faded. And that he hasn’t had nearly as bad a season as most would have you believe. In fact, he’s had a pretty good season. It wasn’t his fault they had lost four in a row. In fact, he has thrown for 300 or more yards in 3 straight games, and has 27 t.d.’s and 7 picks on the season.

Yet, folks were making it sound like he was Joe Namath stumbling around in the back field rocking a Rams gamer at the end of his career.

So enough about Rogers not talking to anyone in his family and sending their Christmas gifts back unopened (allegedly)… and which teammates he allegedly did share his cell digits with and which ones he didn’t. Who cares?! This dude can obviously still play.  And at a high level. And he proved it again last night; because that was the MVP, Hall of Fame Aaron Rodgers, slinging it around the yard, and making plays with his feet until he tweaked his hammie.

So again…does that mean, they got right. And they’re about to go a big run to end the season? No.

Just as it doesn’t mean the Packer defense suddenly got right after getting torched during that four game losing streak. It’s a nice win and a win they had to have, but who did they just beat? A busted up Eagles team that has now lost 6 of their last 8. And the Packers defense didn’t just figure it out, it went up against a rookie quarterback, playing behind a depleted offensive line, without a single legitimate playmaker for Carson Wentz to get it to by the end of the game.

Believe me, that a was a must-win game; they had to have it and they took care of business. Credit it for that. But it really doesn’t mean a helluva lot.  It doesn’t mean they’ve turned the corner. And it really doesn’t mean they saved their season.

It means they kept their season alive by beating an overmatched Eagles team that’s in a free fall. Good news for the Packers, though, they have the underachieving Texans coming in at just the right time.

So biggest takeaway here is, Aaron Rodgers isn’t dead and neither are the Packers. But they’ll probably have to make good on Rodgers claim that they can run the table, to have any shot at all.


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