Info & Stats: Iowa State Head Coach

All Topics: This year’s team | Monte Morris | Morris’ career at Iowa State | Getting Morris more rest this season | Sweet 16 run last season | 2nd year at Iowa State for him | Deonte Burton’s game | Deonte’s rebounding | Big 12 life | His days at Alabama

Nov 29th 2016

Steve on Monte Morris: “High level character kid.”


Mar 22nd 2016

All Topics: Sweet 16 | Georges Niang’s compliments of him | Following in the footsteps of Fred Hoiberg is not easy | Creating relationships with the players | Coaching Niang | Your best players have to play their best in March | Suspending senior Jameel McKay in February | Jameel is doing great now | Virginia next | Tony Bennett

Steve on his job at Iowa State: “I’ve been blessed.”


Dec 9th 2015

All Topics: First season at Iowa State | Georges Niang’s play | Niang vs. Buffalo | Niang’s legacy at Iowa State | Fred Hoiberg leaving a good team for him | Developing relationships | Style of play | Wanting to keep Hoiberg’s style of play | Iowa rivalry | Whip and Nae Nae moves | Washington Redskins |

Steve on Georges Niang: “He truly truly loves Iowa State.”


Jun 10th 2015

All Topics: Accepting the Iowa State job | Leaving Murray State | Replacing Fred Hoiberg | Hoiberg trying to help him | You can’t replace Hoiberg | Hoiberg’s praise of him | Having a good team returning | Getting a standing ovation by his players | Having a great situation at Iowa State now | Recruiting | Winning 25 straight games at Murray State and not getting into the NCAA Tournament | DQ

Steve on replacing Fred Hoiberg at Iowa State: “You embrace it.”


March 4th 2015

All Topics: Unbeaten conference record | Winning streak | Ranked #24 | NCAA Tournament chances | Dairy Queen order | Becoming a father

Steve on NCAA Tournament chances: “Without question, we belong in the NCAA Tournament.”


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