Info & Stats: Washington Capitals Head Coach

All Topics: 2016-17 Season | Having his core group come back from last season | Last seasons’ regular season | Losing to Pittsburgh in the playoffs | A lot of hurt at the end of last season | Getting hit in the head by a puck over the weekend | Coaching staff | Alex Ovechkin’s greatness and legacy | Stanley Cup | Sidney Crosby | Future of the league | Young Stars in the league | Connor McDavid | Speed of the game is ridiculious right now

Nov 30th 2016

Barry on Alex Ovechkin’s legacy: “He’s going to go down as one of the greatest goal scores ever.”


Apr 6th 2016

All Topics: Losing back to back games | 1st place in the Eastern Conference | Pittsburgh next | Top line | 2nd season in Washington | Alex Ovechkin | Ovechkin’s growth | Honesty | Trading for some good talent | T.J. Oshie and Justin Williams | Urgency | Already getting the President’s Trophy | Playoff intensity | Winning the Stanley Cup | Playoffs being a mental and physical marathon | All-Star Game in Nashville | His work with Special Needs Children

Barry on the Stanley Cup playoffs: “Intensity is so high.”


Feb 11th 2015

All Topics: Current Road Trip | Needing to get back to our identity | Alex Ovechkin | Ovechkin’s abilities | Ovechkin wants to get better | Ovechkin wants to be coached hard | His time in Nashville | Going back to Nashville recently was emotional | Nashville needing a new voice | Helping Garth Brooks out |

Barry on Alex Ovechkin: “I had no idea how physical he was.”


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