Here’s a midweek news item that pretty much no one expected. … Yoenis Cespedes is a Met… Again.

It’s not shocking the Mets wanted him back. Who wouldn’t want that missile of an arm in left and a stick that big in their lineup. Plenty of teams would want this dude. What’s shocking is, the Mets apparently wanted him more than anyone else. The stunner here, is that the Mets were the highest bidders.

Let’s be real. When Yo opted out of his deal, no one thought he’d be back in a Mets pinstripes in 2017. When it comes to outbidding teams for high market free agents, that’s not the Mets M.O. So that’s probably why everyone got so GEEKED when they actually did this time.

Noah Syndergaard went with a Lion King GIF on Twitter and said, The King Returns.”

Jose Reyes hit up Instagram with: “Happy face all around, Cespedes for president… 4 more years! #LGM”

And Mets reliever Josh Smoker tweeted a GIF of himself jumping up and down with a basic: “YOOOOOO! #Cespedes #LGM”

Even their own players can’t believe ownership threw down for this cat.

Again, 4 years, $110 mill for a 31-year outfielder: that’s a big swing for any team. But especially for those cheapskates in Flushing.

Then again, as always sometimes you have the hammer and sometimes you don’t, and this dude was holding a jackhammer. What choice did they really have? We’ve seen what that lineup looks like with him, and we’ve seen what it looks like without him. With him, they were a World Series team. Without him, no one gives a damn.

And if you’re the Mets and you already have guys like Jacob DeGrom, Matt Harvey and Noah Syndergaard working on team friendly deals, how the hell can you sell them and your fans that you’re doing everything you can to win, but not scratch Cespedes the big check? Obviously, you can’t. They had to pay this guy. If they wanted any cred in their own clubhouse and with their fans.

Congrats Cheapskates.  Now try and stay healthy.


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