It had been a minute or two since we’d had a truly quintessential J.R. Swish moment. But we got one last night, and it ranks among his very best.

With 3 minutes left in the second quarter of the Cavs game against Milwaukee, he goes over to the end of the Bucks bench to dap up his dude Jason Terry. Great. It’s always cool to see two vets showing respect like that and connecting during a game. One problem, it was during a game. As in right in the middle of live action. And as you’d expect, the result was perfect:


That’s so wrong, right? Wrong. It’s soooo riggggghhhtttt.

It’s J.R. Swish. Like the song says, “they call me an enigma, maddeningly inconsistent. When I wake up in the morning, all I do is say, damn J.R, you is scorin'”

And that was the most J.R Swish thing ever.

So Swish is hugging it out with the Jet, and the guy J.R. was responsible for, Tony Snell, read the situation, cut to the basket, called for the rock and threw down a two handed dunk, in a game that the Cavaliers went on to lose.

How many things are awesome about this?: for one, if this guy is willing to stop playing in the middle of a game and give up an easy basket to hug it out with the opposition, he and the Jet must be awfully tight. I’m sure they are. Except there was that one time when he cracked Terry with an elbow in the playoffs, earning a suspension, which essentially wrecked the rest of the playoffs for him. So he’s hugging it out with a guy he once tried to knock out. You think Swish cares in that moment? Hell no.

The surprise is not that he did this, but that it took this long for it to happen: this is exactly who this dude is. You bring in J.R. Smith, you’re going to get a guy, who takes a ton of shots, misses a ton of shots, will get hot every soft often, and make a ton of shots, and in and around all of that, untie dudes’ shoelaces during the games, rip off his shirt everyday all day, slide into someone’s DM’s about laying pipe…., and give up free baskets because he wandered off the court to hug a dude he once tried to knock out. That’s J.R. Smith. Check it, it’s J.R Swish.

Dudes like that don’t change. When LeBron retires, he’ll retire with one of the greatest resumes ever, but above rings, the MVPs, and the gold medals, the greatest accomplishment of his career is that mind meld that he put on J.R to get Swish to stay down during last year’s playoffs and eventually beat the 73-win Warriors. Absolutely incredible. Because you knew this side of Swish was always there. And it wasn’t going away.

Even better, was this dude’s act after the game: where he hooded up and went full ninja covering his face, while  trying to con the media into thinking he had no idea what they were talking about or what happened on that play: “I didn’t know I was in the game, my bad”?!?

Freaking priceless! What play?! The only play were you allowed an uncontested dunk because you walked off the floor to say what up to Jason Terry. Then again, why ruin one of the greatest moments in NBA history, by owning it or apologizing for it? Oh that? I didn’t even know I was in the game!

I’d call that a blatant lie if there ever was one, but I’m not sure if it is. He’s got me thinking that maybe he didn’t know he was in the game? Or maybe he really wasn’t in the game and the camera lied. What if he’s right and we’re all wrong? After all, J.R Swish is soooo riggggghhhhttt.


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