Nick Diaz appeared on The Jasta Show podcast and glossed himself the biggest stoner in sports, not named Michael Phelps.

That’s a pretty bold claim. I mean, there are some enormous heads in sports. And not only am I not sure Mike Phelps is the King, I’m not even sure he still bakes. I don’t know if Nick has some intel on Phelps or if he’s basing it on back in the day when that pic of him taking rips from a bong at some college party went viral, but props to Nick for wanting to be the legend of lettuce…the King of cush… the sultan of smoke… the pimp of pot.

See… he’s here to kill the stereotype that all heads are lazy… and that people who bake just don’t give a damn. Not only that, he says the “bammy” is actually performance enhancing. He says that if he gets kicked in the head or knocked the hell out and he’s nauseous and puking, the first thing he wants to do is burn “aunt Mary.”

And the truth is, I’ve had NFL’ers on the show tell me they want to see more research on the chronic and see whether or not the skunk helps to recover from concussions and head injury.

So, it’s not just hippies torching the boom or stoners looking for a reason to fire up the ding. Now, as far as him being the face of weed for athletes. I can’t to speak to that. I’m not about the hot stick life. But I know some of you clones are.


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