11 Straight For Cowboys

Dallas did what they do – they won again. This time beating the Vikings 17-15 in Minnesota for their third win in 12 days and 11th on the season. It wasn’t pretty, but it didn’t have to be. In fact, it’s more impressive that it wasn’t. Let’s be real, there was no way they were going into that house, against that defense, and putting up 30, with or without Mike Zimmer on the sidelines.

Of course the Cowboys didn’t look great on offense at all. And hurt themselves time and again with dumb penalties on both sides of the ball. But they found a way to win. And that’s a good sign. Just ask the Seahawks losing to the Bucs by a baseball score.

Good teams find a way to win when they play poorly. And mature teams do it on the road, which is what the Cowboys did last night. Does it mean they’re the best team in football? Not necessarily. They beat a team that had lost its head coach to eye surgery, its offensive coordinator to who knows what, its running back to injury, and its offensive line to the plague. And yet, credit to the Vikings, they didn’t give up. Even though they were coached by a special teams coordinator, and the special teams unit turned in a brutal performance – and they still scored with 25 seconds left and had a chance to send it to overtime with a two-point conversion.

Uhhh, Sam. You do know the two-point conversion isn’t where you heave it through the goal posts, right? Truly one of the all-time worst two-point attempts I’ve ever seen. And yes, it’s another game that ended with the refs getting a ton of scrutiny for missing a hit to Bradford’s head on that play. A terrible look for the league.

Vikings defensive end Brian Robison said it best: “I’m sick and tired of the reffing in this league right now. I’m sick and tired of it. You’ve got holding calls all over the place that people don’t want to call. Bradford gets hit in the face at the end of the game and you don’t call it. I’m not laying this loss on reffing, but at some point it’s got to get better.”

Truth. It’s got to get better, but I’m not sure it will. But let’s be real – the refs screwing something up isn’t new and all that would’ve done is move the ball closer to the goal line and given Bradford a chance to throw it through the glass wall of the stadium.

According to reports during the game, Mike Zimmer was at home, listening to the game on the radio to keep his blood pressure down as he recovers from emergency surgery. I’m guessing that ending, and that meltdown by the special teams that gifted Dallas a touchdown didn’t help.

But last night isn’t about the Vikings being bad or the refs being worse. It’s about the Cowboys. No, I’m not going to declare that they’re the best team in the league.

But it’s harder and harder to say that they don’t deserve to be talked about like that when they’ve won 11 straight and have the best record. Bad teams can stumble into a couple wins, but bad teams don’t win 11 straight games in the NFL.

Right now, the Cowboys are like the reverse Browns – they’re finding ways to win no matter what, whereas Cleveland finds a way to lose no matter what.


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