Credit where credit is due. You Chiefs fans got all bent out of shape when I said there was no way you were going on a deep run this season with that offense and Alex Smith under center. That he’s good, and won’t get you beat, but that he also doesn’t make enough plays to beat good teams in the postseason. And doesn’t have enough playmakers around him to do it either.

And then y’all snapped. And then y’all lose to Tampa Bay. No harm no foul: I tried to tell you at the time, it wasn’t personal. Just my take. You should know me better than that; it’s never personal.

And I’m just as likely to hype you as crack you depending on what I see and think. And now I’m here to hype you. Specifically, Eric Berry. Because what I saw yesterday was incredible.

Eric Berry had himself a weekend. Playing in front of family and friends in his hometown, repping custom purple cleats to promote awareness for Hodgkin lymphoma — an illness he BEAT — he played the game of his life — stepping in front of TWO Matt Ryan passes to score, a pick six just before halftime, and a PICK 2 to rip away a W in the Chiefs 29-28 win.


That Berry is back playing like one of the best safeties in the game again is incredible. That he did all of this after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in December of 2014, made the Pro Bowl in 2015 and scored TWICE the first time he’d been back in Atlanta since getting his cancer treatments there made for just an incredible rollercoaster of emotions for Berry.  

You can’t make this stuff up. Berry – stepping in front of a Matt Ryan pass and taking it to the house — DELIVERING THE FOOTBALL TO HIS MOM, WAITING IN ROW FREAKING 2. Then, with the game on the line and late in the 4th quarter, there’s BERRY AGAIN — Stepping in front of Ryan’s pass, nothing but the end zone in front of him — to deliver a matching football to his DAD… Disney would’ve called this one TOO PROPOSTEROUS. That Berry is playing football, running back scores to share them with his parents — who spent those long days and nights with him after his diagnosis… Just awesome.

This guy CALLED HIS SHOT Not Once, but TWICE — telling his Mom that “he’d be back,” to deliver another ball… And he did it. Just an incredible performance on a day where Kansas City got 2 defensive scores and a FAKE PUNT TD to keep pace with the Raiders, stealing the win and setting up the best Thursday Night of football you could ever ask for –…Well except for offense. I did just say they got two defensive scores and a fake punt td, which brings me back to my original point about Alex Smith and the offense.

But I’ll table that for a moment or two, because for now, it’s all about Eric Berry. And how he damn singlehandedly won that game for the Chiefs.


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