Red Sox worked an unbelievable deal for White Sox ace Chris Sale. And you know every other team in the American League is tripping hard over it. Especially the Yankees. We know that, because Yankees gm Brian Cashman saw it and immediately called the Red Sox the Golden State Warriors of Major League Baseball, “Boston is the Golden State Warriors of baseball now. They’ve got their Durant and Green and Thompson and Curry.”

That’s pretty rich, Cash.

How quickly you forget, that you were that guy not long ago.

The Warriors of baseball? I guess. And that makes the Yankees now, the Indiana Pacers of baseball. Believe me, you wish you could make that deal. And not doing so doesn’t make you more responsible, it means you didn’t have the type of talent stockpile that the Red Sox do to make a deal like this. Otherwise, you would have.

And yes, the Red Sox gave up a helluva lot to get Sale. May have even overpaid to get him. Who cares? I know Red Sox President of Baseball ops Dave Dombrowski doesn’t. And he’s the guy who has to wear it if it doesn’t work out.

Fact is, if they win it all, it’s a great deal. And if they don’t, then they’ve mortgaged part of their future and may not have some high ceiling prospects when they need them. And then folks are coming for Dombrowski. He knows that. And again doesn’t care.

And neither do I. This is an amazing deal for the Red Sox. That is a stupid, stupid rotation. Their number 3 just won the Cy Young award.

And as for Dombrowski, this is exactly why the Red Sox brought him in and pay him what they pay him. To make deals like this. So they’re not going to question him.

Very few teams or GM’s would ever make a deal like this. But Dombrowski, has time and time again. Believe me, the Sox brass has no issue with a move like this; if they did, they would have never hired him in the first place. This is who this guy is, and this is why he’s there.

As for all the prospects the gave up to get Sale? What about them? Who cares? The Sox are loaded on the big league level and not just with their rotation. They really don’t have any room there anyway at this point.

And that’s the beauty of this deal; it wasn’t made with the thought that it’s world championship or bust this year. Or that they had to do it because their window is about to slam shut. It’s not. They control Sale and Rick Porcello for the next three years, David Price for the next six and most of their best young position players for multiple years as well. So they’re not just built to win right now, but for the next few years as well.

So I love the deal for the Red Sox, and respect hell out of Dombrowski for pulling the trigger again. He’s tried this before and not had it pay off. But obviously isn’t afraid to do it again. This dude takes big, big swings. And if I’m a Red Sox fan, I love this.


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