I haven’t been hyped for a Thursday night game in a long time. In fact, I’ve never been this hyped for a Thursday night game. Because, the Raiders are back, they’re 10-2, and on top of the AFC.

It has been a long time since the Raiders have mattered. In fact, the last time they mattered, Linkin Park mattered. I like the Park. Everyone likes the Park. You know, you have the one dude who raps. And the one dude that screams.

But this season has once again proven, the NFL is better when the Raiders are better.

Just don’t tell that to Chiefs fans: they’re not happy: in fact, they’re bitter. They’re bent that nobody’s giving them the respect they feel they deserve. And they can’t wait to tell you they already punked the Raiders in Oakland. And they’ve been calling in with their tired resets about Raider fans either watching tonight’s game from prison or from a Best Buy showroom because they can’t afford a TV.

Tonight, the Chiefs got all the advantages. Experience. Home field. Insanely loud joint that’ll only be louder at night. It’ll be freezing cold. And they have super freak Justin Houston back. Now we’re going to see if their team is good enough to back up all the smack their fans are running. They better be. Because their fans are making a lot of noise. Lose and all the KC BBQ sauce in the world won’t make that crow sando they’re going to have to slam taste any better. You’re favored and you should be. You have so many things going for you. It’s your biggest game of the year. Blow this and you’ve blown a golden opportunity.

It’s all right there for you Chiefs fan. The AFC West. A first round bye and possible home field throughout. Don’t blow it.


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