Chiefs did what they had to do: I said it yesterday. They were favored and they should have been. They had all the advantages. They had beaten the Raiders in their house in Week 6…  And were getting them in their place, under the lights, in prime time, in freezing cold weather; they had Justin Houston back. Tyreek Hill had emerged as one of the league’s most dangerous players. And they had to have it. They had to go out and back up all the junk Chiefs fan has been running. And they did.

Although they did their best to give it away, turning it over twice inside their own 30. But the Raiders could not capitalize. That game was right there for the taking. The Raiders had plenty of opportunities. They just didn’t cash them in. Their big play offensive guys didn’t make any at all.

Meanwhile, all of K.C.’s playmakers came up huge… Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Justin Houston and Marcus Peters. Even Smith, aside from those two terrible mistakes, looked sharp as the Chiefs built that 21-3 lead in the first half.

The Raiders key guys, on the other hand, did nothing. Especially offensively. Starting with MVP candidate Derek Carr.

Derek Carr: very good player. Terrible game. There’s no getting around it. That was his worst game as a pro. And obviously, it came at pretty much the worst possible time. In prime time, and possibly with the AFC West title hanging in the balance. His MVP candidacy just took a big hit: 17-41, 117 yards, no t.d’s and a passer rating of 49.1. And under 3 yards per completition. I mean, that’s JaMarcus Russell material.

Coming into last night’s game, he was the league MVP. Coming out of it, he wasn’t even the best q.b. on the field. In fact, that’s twice now Alex Smith has outplayed him.

Carr just wasn’t right. Was never comfortable and was missing wide open receivers, something he just doesn’t do.

Question is why? What happened to Derek Carr last night? Was it his jacked up digit? He said no. Was it the weather? He said no to that too. It was definitely his decision making. That was off. But, it was something. Because I have never seen that guy look more out of sorts.

Sure, the K.C. defense had something to do with it, but Carr had plenty of chances, and for whatever reason just didn’t get it done. But he’s not the only one to blame. Far from it. For instance, what was Amari Cooper doing when he was wide-ass open in the second half, looking a sure six?? I don’t know if he lost it in the lights, or just had trouble tracking it, but that’s a ball that dude has to come up with. Just has to. And really, there was no reason not to. Well, he says the reason he didn’t was the ball just moved on him at the very last second.  Whatever it was, a camera or whatever, he needs to come down with it, and didn’t. But that’s how it went for the Raiders all night long; plenty of opportunities and they didn’t take advantage of any of them. I tweeted it during the game last night. The Chiefs are trying to let the Raiders right back in this game, why won’t they let them?!

But credit to the Chiefs. They’ve done the Raiders twice and now it looks like they’re the team to beat in the west.


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