How bad was it with Jeff Fisher? They fired this guy on a Monday before a Thursday game! And just a little over a week after it was announced that he had been given a two year extension. That bad.

And the fact is, it’s the right call. He had to go.

I’ve long defended him; I think he’s a solid coach, that is still well thought of and respected by many in the league. But he had to go.

Especially after that beatdown the Falcons laid on them, in their half empty stadium, which culminated in their star running back saying they run a “middle school offense.”

And Todd Gurley’s right. They do.

As you probably know, the Falcons scored more T.D.’s in that game against the Rams, than the Rams have scored all year long at home. That’s a joke. And right now, so is the team. And the fans have already moved on, as was evidence by how many empty seats there were last Sunday.

So the Rams had no choice to fire Fisher, even if it had just extended him. They’re bad, they’re boring and the fans in this town aren’t having it. They just don’t care enough; they’ll find something else to do.

So what owner Stan Kroenke has to do now, is bring in a star to drop on that sideline. Make no mistake this is a star driven town: we’re plastic like that. So the Rams need someone who will create hype and buzz, sell PSL’s and have this team firing on all cylinders when it moves into his new stadium. And Fisher no longer brings that heat.

And before the team could become an even bigger laughingstock here, they had to whack him.


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