So the question is who’s next? Where do they go to get that buzz and heat. Who has the type of star value they need, but can also come in, modernize the offense, develop a young quarterback and get the buy in from both the players and the town. Well, there is one guy who checks nearly every box. And he is the biggest name and most intriguing name, out there. Obviously, it’s Jim Harbaugh.

So obvious, right. To everyone but Jim, who immediately got the reddest ass ever when the speculation began.

He told his players this week that rumors about his potential return to the NFL were nothing more than “lies made up by our enemies.”

What a hero…  Dude’s downright patriotic. Paranoid, much.

Which enemies? Urb? Doubt that. What’s he have to be afraid of? He’s 2-0 against you. He likes you right where you are, Jim.

You must be talking about Eric Dickerson, right? He’s on record as saying he wants you to be the next Rams coach. Then again, how is he your enemy? He’s lobbying for you to get the gig.

Are you talking about the Niners? Sure, they hate your guys but they also know you’d be looking to take that job just so you can kick their ass twice a year, so they’re not it.

What other enemies are out there? Pete Carroll. You may have a point there, he’d love to get you back in the division on a crappy team, so he can roll you up a couple of times a year and ask you, “what’s your deal?” But I doubt it’s Peter: he has plenty of his own problems to focus on right now, and doesn’t have time to quote, spread lies about you leaving Michigan to go to the NFL.

Get right down to it, it’s almost impossible to know which enemy might, might be spread lies about you. Because you’ve made so many enemies since you got into coaching. And there are so many people that don’t like you.

What we have here then, is a classic case of the paranoid college coach, who’s a control freak and abhors anything that might be considered a distraction, especially leading up to a bowl game. If there’s nothing there, and you really do love Michigan that much, no need to get the red ass. Just say, there’s nothing, I’m not going anywhere, because I really do love Michigan that much. And I plan on being here a very long time. The only reason you wouldn’t say that, is if it wasn’t true.

Just know this Michigan fan, and Michigan player, this guy has never stayed in one place more than four years. So as long as he’s winning, this is going to keep coming up every single year. So don’t be surprised when it does.

And if he really does love Michigan that much, you have nothing to worry about. And I think in this case you probably don’t. The guy gets to do whatever the hell he wants, whenever he wants, and they treat him like a God. Which is important to him.

And no, I can’t see him busting out after saying he loves Michigan that much and going 0-2 against Urb. So for now, Michigan fan, I can’t see the guy bouncing.

That said, if I were the Rams, I’d give the guy a blank check and do everything in my power to get him. I never said the guy couldn’t coach. He can. He knows that division. They have a quarterback who needs developing, another strong suit of Harbaugh’s. And this town needs a star, who can generate buzz, sell PSL’s and move the needle. And he can do all those things.

If I’m Stan Kroenke, I do everything in my power to get this guy.


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