Richard Sherman was right. He may have been talking about playing on Thursday Nights generally, but last night’s Seattle-L.A. game was a complete poopfest. Sure, the ‘Hawks did what they had to do. They slapped the embarrassing Rams. And won the NFC West again, in the process. And somehow, some way, are still actually in position to grind out the No. 2 seed overall in the West, and get the first round bye that comes with it.


But 12’s don’t get this twisted. This is not your typical dominant Seahawk team. Far from it. 

In fact, it’s almost impossible to tell who or what these guys are. Are they the team that went to Foxboro and did the Patriots? Or are they the crew that got hammered by Green Bay? And cracked by Tampa Bay. I have no idea.

Just like they have no idea which Seahawk team is going to show up week to week. If they did, they’d fix it. And they haven’t. Those issues that have plagued them the entire season are still there. A crappy offensive line, which can’t block or protect their quarterback. And an inability to run the ball at all. You know small things like that. 

Sure, defensively, they looked all right last night. You 12’s might try to argue that that’s evidence that your guys are learning to survive and even thrive without Earl Thomas. I’d argue that has nothing to do with it. The reason you looked improved is not that you’re getting right at the right time, it’s that you had a rookie Q.B., who’s in way over his head delivered to you at just the right time. Not having Earl Thomas is going to hurt you in the postseason. And on top of that Michael Bennett went down last night. So no, they’re still not right. And nowhere near what they’ve been. 

The best thing I can say about Seattle right now, is that no one else looks dominant either. But if that’s the best you can say about a team, that’s not saying much at all. In a season where no one has separated themselves from the rest, Seattle might be capable of a deep postseason run. But an early exit wouldn’t surprise me at all. Because they’re flawed just like everyone else. And it was proven again last night.


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