Most Los Angeles Rams fans wondered why it took so long for the NFL’s 2016 first overall draft pick Jared Goff to finally see the field this year. After Goff’s late game scramble in the fourth quarter of their 24-3 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday Night Football which ended with the rookie in concussion protocol, The NFL Today on CBS analyst Boomer Esiason feels like Goff still needs to be on the sideline.

“He’s obviously not ready, and when you take a shot from Richard Sherman the way he did on the sideline there towards end of the game, I mean, it just goes to show you he’s not he’s just not there yet,” Esiason told The Jim Rome Show on Friday. “He just doesn’t understand what it means to play in the NFL.

“Now, some will tell you it’s better that he plays now and he learns now, because he will be better for it next year as long as he can stay upright. He has taken a beating the last few weeks so I don’t think anyone is going to question his toughness. He made a couple nice throws and unfortunately he was victimized by drops and that happens to every quarterback. At the end of the day, whoever their new coach is next year, at least they will get a somewhat seasoned quarterback and hopefully he will get the right guy to get the best out in him, and the Rams can be a contender again.”

While Goff is still cutting his NFL teeth, New England’s Tom Brady has been playing the position at the highest level since taking over for Drew Bledsoe in 2001. In fact, after broadcasting another game of Brady’s as a Westwood One analyst on Monday night, Esiason made a bold claim about the 4-time Super Bowl champion and referred to the Patriots’ win over the Baltimore Ravens as an example.

“He’s the greatest of all time. I don’t care what anyone says,” Esiason said. “I don’t care about Deflategate, Spygate, I don’t care about any of that stuff. I just look at what a guy does on the field when he’s on the field.

“He will be in the MVP conversation, though some people won’t like that, because he will only have played 12 games, assuming he makes it the rest of the way, but his performance has been just nothing, like I said, short of sensational.”

Esiason explained what separates Brady from the other great quarterbacks.

“It’s a number of things. One, longevity. Two, the success that he’s had in big games. The AFC Championship games, the Super Bowls, they didn’t lose Super Bowls because of his poor play, I can tell you that,” Esiason said. “Look at the career path of it, and look how he got the job, and look how he held onto the job and look at just the consistent performance every single year, and every single year he’s going to the playoffs. And not just the playoffs, they’re going to AFC Championship Games, they’re going to Super Bowls, and then you look at the performances in those games, and really to me, what tells you about how good somebody could be at our position, the most difficult position in all of sports I believe, is when that ball is snapped to you and that ball finally gets to you and what you do with it under the extreme circumstances that is playing quarterback in the NFL, and watching how he was distributing the ball on Monday night and watching how he was standing in the face of blitzes and unblocked guys and not running out of the pocket and delivering the ball on time and with accuracy, those are all the attributes of the great quarterback to go along with all the winning that he’s doing.”


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