Longtime Turner Sports Broadcaster Craig Sager has died at the age of 65 after his battle with cancer. A very public and inspired battle with cancer.

This was a really unique guy. And the outpouring of love and respect for him speaks to just how well liked and admired he was. Not just from co-workers and fans but from the people and organizations he reported on. Owners, GM’s, coaches and players as well.

Honestly, I can’t imagine another sports reporter passing and they’re being this kind of overwhelming reaction. I don’t think there would be. Because Sager was just that unique.

So unique, he was seemed to be the one guy in the media that Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich truly had an affinity and admiration for:

And Golden State head coach Steve Kerr took a moment to share his thoughts on Sager with a sold out crowd at Oracle:

Not a moment of silence, but a moment of joy. Extremely well done.

Sager’s flamboyant style and crazy suits will always carry the day. Others will be sure to point to the quality and consistency of his work on air. I’ll remember both those things about him. But to me, the man’s true legacy was the way he battled the monster. Cancer is the worst thing ever. And when I say that, I assume that virtually everyone listening knows what I’m talking about. Because virtually every last one of us has deal with it directly, or knows someone close to us who has. We all know how terrifying, painful and relentless that monster is. Yet Sager took on the monster: went right at it. Publicly and relentlessly. Hopping cross country flights, prepping for the games and his interviews, standing on the sidelines, sleeping in hotel rooms, all while undergoing intense treatments. That to me is the man’s legacy. The way he waged battle with it. In public. And continue to grind out; and attack it as well as his craft.
That’s what I remember my own father most for; the way he went to war against leukemia.

And as good as Craig Sager was at his craft, that’s what I’ll remember him most for as well: the way he courageous waged battle against that illness. RIP.


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