Bill O’Brien makes $5 million a season. And he’s earned every penny of it this season. In fact, my man may even deserve a raise. Because the 5 million was for finding ways to win with Brock Osweiler. But Bob McNair better scratch out a holiday bonus this week for his head coach — because THIS quote is worth extra.

“I think we’ve got 3 really talented quarterbacks and you can call BS on that, you can say whatever you want, I think we have a really talented QB room, and we don’t make decisions on how much a guy gets paid, we make decisions on what’s the best way to win the game, and that was the decision we made today and I think today it worked out okay.”

He actually said that with a straight face. He said that after watching Osweiler throw 2 of his 11 passes into the arms of a Jacksonville defense that rarely forces turnovers. He said that after Tom Savage — a guy who had to go to three colleges to finally win a starting job, had to come bail Osweiler’ s ass out of the fire and maybe even save the Texans’ entire season.

Osweiler, Houston’s $72 million dollar alleged, franchise quarterback. A guy who not only isn’t as good as Brian Hoyer, but isn’t as good as Tom Savage, a guy who hadn’t seen the field in an actual game in two years! That guy is better than Osweiler.

Not only better, but a helluva lot more popular. What a crazy scene in H-Town; where the fans were geeking hard when Osweiler got jerked out of the game in favor of Savage…

The reaction was so raucous that Texans back Lamar Miller was actually trying to quite the home crowd to spare Osweiler looking and feeling ever worse.

Tell you what, just be glad the guy didn’t get hurt, because those same fans probably would have cheered that too. And there is nothing worse than cheering an injured athlete. Especially one of your own.

Needless to say this was an absolutely disastrous signing. One of the worst ever. Because Osweiler’s not only not a franchise quarterback, he’s not even a starting quarterback. Imagine being Bob McNair and knowing you’ve already given this guy nearly $20 million bucks this season. $20 mill! And you’re still on the hook for $17 mill more. For a guy that you can’t play. And you can’t trade.

And how would you like to be coach Bill O’Brien? He doesn’t have the authority to pick the players he wants; so he has to coach the ones they give him. Whether he wants them or not. And they gave him Osweiler. And there was absolutely no indication that he wanted anything to do with him. That, that was the owner and GM’s call. They thought they were a player away from winning a Super Bowl, so they started stacking the cash. And they were right. They were a player away from winning it all. And that’s player’s name is Aaron Rodgers. But they gave the cash to Osweiler. And left O’Brien to win games with one hand tied behind his back.

But you can’t let him back on the field. Not if you want your team to think you’re trying to win. Not if you want to make the playoffs. You have to own it. And get past it. It was a horrible signing. We’ve see enough to know that now. Put the guys out there that give you the best chance to win, regardless of how much they make. That benching was long overdue and probably would have happened sooner if Savage didn’t have an infected elbow.

So eat it and move on. See what Savage will give you — and then see how much it’d cost you to pry Romo from Jerrah this offseason.


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