Marcell Dareus called his shot. He guaranteed the Bills would beat the Browns. And they did. 33-13. Great. You beat one of the worst teams of all time.

The fact that he even had to go on record with a guarantee like that tells you all you need to know about the Bills under Rex Ryan.

Like I said on The NFL on CBS yesterday; the Bills were more disappointing at 6-7 than the Browns were at 0-13 coming into the game. We knew the Browns were going to be horrible. But we expected the Bills to not only make the playoffs but to do some damage once they got there. And why did we think that? Because Rex told us so.

So what’s a win like that get you? Absolutely nothing. Save maybe an extra week for Ryan. Because if they lose that game, he doesn’t make it off the field before he gets broken off by ownership.

So that doesn’t mean he gets to come back next season, he just means he gets to come back this week. And it’s still hard imagine a scenario where the Bills bring Ryan back. The best he can hope for is that his guys rise up for him and they crush Miami and the Jets to finish the season. But if he gives ownership any further reason to whack him, they will.

Going against the Jets to save your job is a pretty good thing; they’re horrible. Miami, on the other hand is 9-5 fighting for a playoff spot and thus pretty dangerous.

The other thing is, they could win their last two to finish 9-7 and he could still get fired. In fact, even if they win out, I still make that move: you have a guy with a legendary rap, who just does not have the game to back up all the junk he’s running. He’s 15-15 as Bills head coach. The dude walks around like he’s Bill Belichick when he’s actually sub .500 as a head coach for his career. And he’ll most likely miss the playoffs for the sixth straight season overall.

I’m not saying the guy’s an out and out train wreck, I’m saying, they’re not getting better under him, and he’s not getting as much as he can out of them, and there’s no reason to believe that he will going forward.

Look at their wins this season? Are there any signature wins or anything that he or his team can really hang their hat on? Not the win over the Cardinals, they’re as disappointing as the Bills are. Not that shutout win over New England. Seemed pretty good at the time; hell, Rex was acting like he won the Super Bowl when it happened. Then you remember, they beat Jacoby Brissett. Beat Jacoby Brisset who got hurt during the game. After that, it’s wins over the Rams, Niners, Bengals, Jags and Browns. No world beaters in the group.

So bring him back if you want to, just don’t expect anything to change. Because this is who this dude is. An average head coach with an above rap, that he can’t back up and who isn’t going to lead you anywhere. It’s time to start over Bills fan: you deserve better than this. Because you have better than 7-7 talent and Ryan isn’t getting as much out of it as he should.


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