Raider Fan: I have never been more eager than I am, right this second, to ask you this question. How… you… livin?

How you livin after going into your enemy’s house. No, didn’t just go into the enemy’s house, but moved into the enemy’s house. And made it your house. Moved into that house, parked in their garage, ate their grub, slammed their booze, slept in their beds all while making them still pay the mortgage. How did that feel Raider fan??

Because that’s exactly what happened yesterday, when Raider fan took over that house and Philip Rivers admitted he had to go with a silent count. The entire game. In his own house. Check that, in the Raiders house! Even Phil said so himself!

Look, I get that the Chargers had nothing to play for, other than to wreck the Raiders’ season. But that wasn’t enough to get their fans to show up. Clearly, they’d rather sell their tickets to Raider fan, cash out and stay away.

It prompted an absolutely classic tweet from a Charger fan night that I retweeted. Ricky Monarrez tweeted at me, quote, “Raider fans can spend their $ in our bleep stadium any time! Sold my seats for so much I almost broken even in 1 game! #makinmoney.”

And judging from the way Raider fan packed that joint, he wasn’t the only one who had that idea.

Listen, Raider-Charger hell week has a long and storied history on this program. I need to hear from Charger fans, it’s not the first time this has happened, but given how well the Raiders are playing, how disappointing your season has gone, and what’s going on with the stadium issue, that might have been worst it’s felt: Charger fan, you tell me, just another Raider-Charger throw down, or one of the worst days ever in your stadium.

And Raider fan, were you there? What did it feel like to fill that house with silver and black, and come back and beat your enemy. In their house. Not only beat them, but secure your first playoff berth since 2002 and jump back over Kansas City in the AFC West after the Chiefs were shocked by the Titans!

For all the hype and run the Raiders are getting, it’s still not nearly enough. They’re 11-3 and on top of the best division in football; with a chance to rip it, and the first round bye that comes along with it. I’m sayin they’re a lock. I’m saying they’re in position and they control their own fate. And given that they were 3-13 just two years ago, that’s damn near a miracle.

Derek Carr, who is dealing with that dislocated digit, led them to another fourth quarter comeback. That’s his sixth fourth quarter winning drive this season. That much maligned Raider dee came up huge, late, when it had to. And Jack Del Rio is your freaking coach of the year.

Raider fan, was it one of the best days ever? Charger fan, was it the worst day ever?!


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