Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. And I’d never sit here and tell you’re wrong if you disagree with mine. But if you think Stanford stud Christian McCaffrey is wrong to skip Stanford’s Sun Bowl game to get ready for the NFL Draft, then you’re wrong. Period.

For who? For what? For his brothers in the trenches? The guys you think he’s letting down. If they’re not mad at him, why the hell do you give a damn what this guy does between now and the draft. Because his teammates aren’t mad. They get it. Why don’t you?

But don’t take my word for it; take the word of one his teammates, who is speaking on behalf of all of them. Wide receiver Trenton Irwin tweeted, “the whole team supports (Christian McCaffrey) in everything and anything. He’s been a leader through the easy times and tough times.”

Again, why does anyone have a problem with this, if the guys who matter most, his teammates, don’t?

By the way, while you’re on the high horse, let me ask you this: do you even know who Stanford is playing in the Sun Bowl? Or when the game is? Or where the game is? And who sponsors the game? Probably just got all those answers wrong. But you think this dude is selfish, only in it for himself and bailing on his team.

Right, like any coach who takes another job and bounces before his bowl game. Why is it all right for coaches to do it, but not players. It’s obviously not. Yet it happens all the time. This guy is simply getting ready for a huge interview. And trying to set himself for the best job he could get coming out of college. You know, like most of us did.

Why do you go to college. To get as good an education as you can get. To learn how to function socially. And…. to get the best job you can possibly get. That’s what this guy is doing. And that’s what you would do as well.

So if you’re taking a run at this guy for skipping the Sun Bowl, you’re just wrong. But not as wrong as Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott who for whatever reason inserted himself into this fight and started throwing haymakers. Check out this twitter bomb he dropped: “all these young guys deciding to skip their bowl games. I would do anything to play one more time with my brothers in that scarlet and gray.”

You’d do anything, Zeke. You skipped your senior season. You had a dozen more games with your brothers if you wanted them. But you decided to bounce early. And why? To take advantage of your opportunity at the next level. You know, just like McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette are. You got yours and no one had a problem with it. And now that these guys are doing the same thing, you do? One of the lamest takes ever.

A guy who skipped his entire senior season is cracking on dudes for skipping a bowl game. That’s rich. And by rich, I mean whack. These guys are simply looking out for themselves. Just like you did Zeke. Just like coaches do. And just like the schools do.


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