I hope that Sugar Bowl win feels good, Oklahoma. Because what it cost you is far more than what you earned. Forget that your 35-19 win over a a now five loss Auburn team really isn’t that impressive. And just know that it wasn’t worth it. Just know that the hardware in the trophy case isn’t going to replace integrity.

So go ahead. Soak in that 11th win. Revel in that back-door Top 5 ranking you may end up with. But, it won’t make people forget that Joe Mixon — the guy out there running through the Tigers — was playing. Was playing after he punched a female student in the face, fracturing four bones in her face. Let me repeat that: Mixon punched a woman in the face. And she suffered four fractures as a result. Yet there he was, on the field last night, scoring 2 touchdowns, leading the Sooners in rushing and receiving yards — and then yuking it up on the sidelines with his buddies — throwing fake punches at each other and showing you how Mixon and his Sooner teammates really feel about what happened that night.

Then again, you can almost see why they do. Because that’s how their coach feels about it. And his bosses. Stoops and the administration will say how sorry they are. Sorry he did it, or sorry he put himself and that program in that position. Did they abhor the act like they’ll have you believe or abhor the fact that there’s video of it and we’ve all seen it. Because if they were really as repulsed by it, the way the rest of us were, or the way they say they were, they would have kicked Mixon off the team. But they didn’t.

Look, I’m not going to tell Stoops how to run his program. But I can tell you how’d I run mine. How I’d run my business, whatever it might be. You punch a woman in the face, you’re gone. You don’t work here. You don’t ball here. It’s the most gutless, inexcusable, deplorable thing you could do.

But it didn’t seem to bother Stoops or OU all that much. Not only did he not kick him off the team, he let him redshirt for a season to save a year of eligibility.

That’s what his official bio says about the 2014 season. Redshirted. Not, “sat out season because he broke a female student’s face in 4 places.” Or “stayed on scholarship because he’s so good at running back we’ll look the other way.” Just redshirted.

At this point, it’s impossible to ignore Stoops’s track record of allowing despicable humans to play football for the Sooners if they’re good enough at football. He did it with Mixon. He did it with Heisman finalist Dede Westbrook — who came to Norman even after reports surfaced that he had not one, but two domestic violence incidents with the mother of his kids as a 4-star recruit.

Dorial Green-Beckham, Frank Shannon. Josh Jarboe. The list goes on and on.

So Oklahoma got their Sugar Bowl win. And Stoops got doused by a Gatorade bucket that Mixon helped dump on his head.

Now for the sake of everybody, Mixon better declare for the NFL Draft, taking his talents to the league and making himself someone else’s headache next year. Because if he doesn’t, you know Stoops and Oklahoma are going to put him back on the field and let him keeping embarrassing a program that long ago lost sight of what’s important.

Congrats on the W, Sooners. Glad you sold your soul to get it.


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