The University of Minnesota has fired head football coach Tracy Claeys. It comes after the Gophers won the Holiday Bowl, their ninth win of the season. A game the players threatened to boycott after the school suspended 10 of their own after a school investigation into an alleged sexual assault that took place in September.

Claeys supported the boycott at the time, tweeting, (quote): “Have never been more proud of our kids. I respect their rights and support their effort to make a better world.”

If I’ve said it once. I’ve said it a million times. Twitter is a loaded gun. And unless you’re a responsible user, it will go off. And someone will get badly hurt. Never mind a toe or two, Claeys blew off his entire foot with that tweet.

Quote: “Have never been more proud of our kids.”?!?!

Yeah, and a number of Gopher fans have never been more infuriated. Or embarrassed by a coach. That’s why so many signed a petition calling for his job. And they got what they wanted. Because the school whacked him.

What the hell was this guy thinking? What was he doing? Notice that the second the school’s investigation into that alleged sexual assault became public, and details of that night were revealed, the players backed the hell down. Did they even know what allegedly happened that night? Or did they just see that ten of their teammates were suspended and just say, Ah hell no they’re not playing, we’re not playing!

Then again, young people often do dumb things. But what the hell is the coach’s excuse? What the hell was he doing tweeting out his support for his players, saying how proud he was of them, and pointing that they were making the world better. And not mentioning the alleged victim? Did he not read the investigation? Did he not see the texts players were sending to each other? Or see that she alleged that multiple players forced her to have sex while others watched and some recorded it. Claeys knew all that and still thumbed out a tweet supporting his players?

And let me stop you Gopher fan, before you go here: I know the players said it was consensual. And I know they weren’t charged with anything. Just as I know what they texted each other about that night and the fact that they called off their ridiculous threat to boycott as soon as the investigation dropped publicly. But Tracy Claeys has quote, “Never been more proud of our kids.”

The players involved do not deny what happened though insist it was all consensual. The victim, who was granted a restraining order against 5 players from that night, dropped that in early November, hoping to move on from the ordeal.

Just because you’re not found guilty in a criminal court doesn’t mean you’re innocent. Of course they fired him. It was a no-brainer.

Not only did that happen on his watch, not only did he not own it and say we absolutely will not tolerate that kind of behavior, he said he had never been more proud of his players. That’s a firable offense. And Claeys is guilty. Guilty of stupidity in the first degree. Of course he got fired. He couldn’t have handled that any worse.


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