Why does it feel like a bad thing for a team to announce their starting quarterback is starting? I’ll tell you why. Because that starting quarterback is one Brock Alan Osweiler.

Let me break that down in terms of numbers: That’s 15 touchdowns. 16 interceptions. In 15 starts. All for $72 mill.

That’s who the Texans are wheeling out in the first round of the playoffs this weekend. They’re currently sitting with the worst quarterback situation of the weekend, and both the Dolphins and Raiders are starting backups.

We got here because Tom Savage suffered a concussion in the 2nd quarter of a meaningless season finale against the Titans. And now he’s being sent through the protocol. But don’t fret, Texans fan… Bill O’Brien says it’s all good because Brock looked GREAT on Sunday.

Yeah, he looked great against a Titans team with literally nothing to play for… Oh, and he STILL lost. Why not spit out his preseason stats to us while you’re at it, Bill? This is just Bill O’Brien digging deeper than his chin dimple for reasons to affirm his decision.

Brock Osweiller is basically a 6-foot-7 Chad Henne. Ok, that may be too harsh. Even Brock isn’t as bad as Chad Henne. He’s more like a 6-foot-7 Colt McCoy… with a lot more cash in his pockets.

I’m not saying there’s no hope this weekend. They’re catching the Raiders at the best time. They’re banged up and reeling. But I am saying this: don’t be surprised to be longing for last year’s 30-0 playoff throttling from the Chiefs… when J.J. Watt had a play under center. All because the Texans’ starter is starting and that feels like a bad thing.



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