Info & Stats: UFC Fighter

All Topics: At Sacramento remote | Being raised in Sacramento | All California | Walk-Off fight vs. Brad Pickett | Decision to retire | Fighting has never been about the money for him | Chael Sonnen vs. Tito Ortiz | Chael’s his guy | Chael’s life | Chael on Jim’s show | WEC days | His legacy | Conor McGregor | Ronda Rousey’s return

Jan 6th 2017

Urijah on fighting: “It’s never been about the money.”


June 2nd 2016

All Topics: UFC 199 vs. Dominick Cruz | Great weight cut so far | His weight was around 160 for a while | Gradual weight cut | Last day of weight cut being the worst | New weight cut rules | Third time fighting Cruz | Hatred between the two | Sending text messages to Cruz while he was hurt | The growth of MMA | Conor McGregor

Urijah on fighting Dominick Cruz at UFC 199: “Can’t wait to hit him.”


Sept 9th 2015

All Topics: ‘Ultimate Fighter’: Team McGregor vs Team Faber debuts tonight | Coaching the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ this time | Conor McGregor being a character | McGregor has some personality for sure | UFC 189 confrontation with McGregor | His fighters | T.J. Dillashaw | Interest in fighting Dillashaw? | Chad Mendes vs. McGregor | McGregor is not good on the ground | His fight vs. Frankie Saenz |

Urijah on taping the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ with Conor McGregor: “It’s been interesting.”



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