Info & Stats: Former Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach and current CBS NFL analyst

All Topics: NFL Playoffs | Pittsburgh beatdown of Miami | Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown’s play | Pittsburgh’s defense has been good the last seven weeks | Pittsburgh’s offensive line has been really good | Ben Roethlisberger’s maturity | Mike Tomlin’s criticism | Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City | Houston vs. New England

Jan 9th 2017

Bill on the Ben Roethlisberger today compared to when he was coaching him: “Night and Day.”


Oct 24th 2016

All Topics: Arizona-Seattle 6-6 tie was an all-time classic | Arizona and Seattle’s kicking games | Mike Zimmer calling his guys out after their loss to Philly | Ben Roethlisberger’s health | The NFL’s handling of the Josh Brown domestic violence situation | Aaron Rodgers’ 2016 Season

Bill on Arizona and Seattle ending in a 6-6 tie last night: “Classic.”


Feb 3rd 2016

All Topics: Radio Row | Workout in the gym | Lifting weights | His sit down with Peyton Manning | Manning playing for Gary Kubiak | John Elway making a lot of changes | Super Bowl 50 chess match | Mike Shula vs. Wade Phillips | Carolina’s offense | Sylvester Williams

Bill on his interview with Peyton Manning’s attitude this week: “Living in the now.”


Nov 30th 2015

All Topics: Brock Osweiler being 2-0 | Osweiler being a great fit for Gary Kubiak’s offense | Needing to give Osweiler four games | Rob Gronkowski | Gronkowski’s injury not being as serious as expected | Ben Roethlisberger self-reporting his concussion yesterday | The game changing so much | Players needing to honest about their concussion symptoms | Johnny Manziel | Hard to trust Manziel | Manziel’s leadership | 10 years since his Super Bowl win | His 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers | Green Bay Packers |

Bill on Brock Osweiler’s play in Denver: “Kind of what that offense wants.”


Sept 16th 2014

All Topics: Philly beating Indy last night | Darren Sproles vs. Indy | Nick Foles in Chip Kelly’s system | Foles’ decision making | Indy’s play calling late | Andrew Luck | Adrian Peterson’s child abuse allegations | Falcons vs. Buccaneers on Thursday night | Falcons offense | Questions about Atlanta’s defense | Not wanting to start a season 0-3

Bill on Darren Sproles in Philly: “great fit.”


Jan 8th 2013

All Topics: Today’s CBS meeting on Super Bowl XLVII | The family atmosphere at CBS | Coaching in the Super Bowl | The electricity of the Super Bowl | Needing to focus on the Super Bowl game and not everything around it | Losing in the Super Bowl | The sacrifice made to get to the Super Bowl | Players getting caught up in the moment during Super Bowl week | Veterans players understand they don’t get to the Super Bowl very often | Tony Gonzalez | Dan Marino | Getting his Super Bowl in year 14 | You’re not defined by one game | Never having a time table | Loves what he’s doing now | Tackling in today’s game |Teaching a new form of football |RG3’s injury |The trainer |

Bill on some great players never winning a Super Bowl: “You’re not defined by one game.”



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