Odell Beckham Jr. had all his bases covered. He started the week partying like a college kid, with the responsibility of a high schooler, then went out and PLAYED like a middle schooler, and after the loss ACTED like an elementary schooler. Quite the week, Thirteen.

In fact, this guy has worked one of the greatest 180’s ever. From one of the league’s coolest cats to arguably its biggest bag. From making insane, acrobatic one-handed grabs to throw punches at Josh Norman, kicking nets and now, haymakers on the Lambeau drywall.

You think he doesn’t know he had to win that game? Hell, you think the wall doesn’t know he had to win that game?

I said it all last week. It’s not a problem they opted for the J. Biebs sea cruise. I didn’t have a problem with it. His TEAMMATES didn’t have a problem with it. Even Ben McAdoo didn’t have a problem with it… But all of that came with a caveat. You HAVE to perform on Sunday. The boat cruise narrative is like a Manning face meme. Fair or not, it was coming. Especially if they played poorly. And ODB and his first mates played poorly. In fact, they couldn’t have played much worse.

Even the verified NFL Research Twitter account was trolling that boy band like some sort of EGG: quote:

Players pictured on “The Boat”: 43.9 passer rating when targeted by Eli Manning

Players not pictured: 105.8 passer rating when targeted

ODB wanted to win. All week he had been raving about how excited he was his first trip to the playoffs. But let’s be honest. Winning in the playoffs wasn’t your goal. MAKING it to the playoffs was. That’s why you celebrated it with your boy band BEFORE doing anything worthwhile in the playoffs.

The mistake was not in busting out to party on your off day in a different state. The mistake was in making sure we all knew you did that, and then no-showing in the biggest game of your life after the party. Do whatever the hell you want, as long as you get your work in and you’re ready to ball at go-time. But you weren’t. And neither were your shipmates. Here’s some free advice; do what you want with it, Odell: Next, time pull a Jeets on a one night stand and collect the phones ahead of time. Better yet, don’t go at all.

You have the process inverted. You handle your business, and then you party. You don’t party and then try to handle your business. Because obviously, you’re not capable. The film does not lie. And three years in, this cat still doesn’t get it. And if you haven’t figured it out by now, it’s fair to ask the question, if he ever will. There’s no denying this guy’s talent. Dude’s a freak, but for as freaky as he is, he’s just as big a headache. He’s even easier to hook now than he’s ever been.

He went into a huge funk earlier in the season, complaining that its’ no longer fun. And he proposed to a kicking net. I know this guy wants to win. Just not as badly as he wants to make it about himself. Enjoy the off-season, Big Dawg. I’m sure you’ll be posting plenty of updates both with and without your man bander wingers.

But If I were you, I’d put the phone down, and take a long, long look in the mirror. And figure out exactly what you have to do to get back to being the guy you were and the Giants are paying you to be. An electric wide receivers that defenses can’t handle. Instead of one of the league’s biggest bags.


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