Exactly where was Derrick Rose, and why did he leave the Knicks?? He just bounced from the team without the team’s permission.

Initially, they couldn’t find him and were concerned, but he later told them he returned home to Chicago because of a family situation: Great: a family emergency or a family situation; that’ll happen. And when it does, you tell the team what you’re dealing with and that you need to go back home to handle it. You don’t just bounce and not tell anyone. You can’t just go Irish exit on your team right before a game.

In the meantime, I can’t wait to hear his explanation for this one. My only question is, can he top the graduations and meetings line from a few years back? He better do better than that, if he’s just going to abandon his teammates and the organization the day of game without telling anyone.

Coach Jeff Hornacek didn’t mention anything about Rose’s absence when he spoke with the media about two hours before tipoff. Maybe he was hoping no one would notice when one of his best players no showed for a game.

Frank Isola who writes for the New York Daily News says: “the feeling is that Rose who has been miserable here for a few weeks, is pouting and needed to take some time off.”

Like, dude, didn’t like what was going on, wasn’t having as much fun as he thought he would, didn’t like the coach, so he did what any spoiled 6 year old brat would do… he took his basketball and just went home.

I know, I know, he had a “family situation” he had to deal with. Either that. Or because he was just butt hurt because he was benched in the fourth quarter against both Milwaukee and Indiana recently?

Again, if you had a real family issue, you’d tell the team and say you need a day or two. But if you’re just bent over how they’re using you, you just peace out and not tell anyone (allegedly).

And that’s sure as hell how it looks doesn’t it? And this is a guy who was looking to hit a homerun in free agency this summer. Which is probably why he’s so upset. Dude knows he’s not worth anything to anyone, if he’s getting benched  in the fourth quarter for one of the worst teams in the league. Dude has absolutely no excuse for going AWOL and bailing on the Knicks.

And if he did, we would have heard it by now. I get it: you’re in a crappy situation in New York: you’re miserable. You can’t wait to bounce this summer. Great. Except who the hell is going to bring in a faded super star who will just abandon the fight if he doesn’t get a certain amount of minutes or touches. Congrats, Derrick; you couldn’t have handled this situation any worse, even if you do have a good reason for bolting. Which I’m pretty sure you don’t.

But ultimately this is on Phil Jackson. Philip: is the guy who brought Rose in. He’s the guy who put this team together. He’s the guy who hired Derek Fisher and Jeff Hornacek. He’s the guy who continues to jam the triangle down everyone’s throat. And he’s the biggest reason they’re as big an embarrassment as they’ve ever been and are imploding in front of everyone’s eyes. His vision. His team.

And the guy is obviously completely overmatched as NBA executive. Come to find out, Philip, you can’t do what Pat Riley has done. Or what Jerry West, the guy you clashed with here in L.A., has done. And you know why you can’t? You’re not committed enough and you just don’t have the chops for it. Oh and because netiher Mike nor Kobe or walking through that door.

Bringing Jackson in, and paying him all that jack has been an unmitigated disaster. And hopefully humbling for that fossil who always carried himself as if he invented the game. Carried himself as if everyone should consider themselves lucky that he would let them exist in his world. Great coach, horrible executive.

And he’s going to the leave the Knicks in worse condition than he inherited them, and that’s saying something. That’s not easy to do. And this will stick to him. And it will ding his legacy.



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