As much as the Cowboys have been owned by the New York Giants this season, I’m guessing the last thing they wanted to see was a white hot Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers coming in this week.

Because after that 4-6 start, Rodgers said he felt great about quote “running the table” the rest of the regular season, sending all the hot takers into delirium, looking to crush him, saying he was washed up and jacked up mentally because of his movie star girlfriend and issues he had with his family. And what did he do? He ran the table. Just like he said he could.

And if he made the same pledge heading into the playoffs, no one would be laughing then. No one would be saying jack. Most of all the so-called, NYPD: New York Pass Defense. Who Rodgers torched yesterday.  Lame nickname. And a completely overhyped dee.

My man, Bart Scott took some heat in New York for saying that Giants defense was overrated and that Rodgers would light them up. And he was right. On both counts. They weren’t as good as advertised. And Rodgers did abuse them. And he did it without Jordy Nelson for much of the game.

Rodgers was an absolute surgeon, doing what he does best, scrambling for about an hour, extending plays, fitting passes into absurdly tight windows. Oh and throwing Hail Mary’s. I’m not sure what’s more unbelievable about this: the pass, and the catch by Randall Cobb. Or the fact that the Giants knew it was coming and had no idea how to defend it.

And don’t forget this guy’s doing it with an 88 gamer lined up in the backfield next to him, and while clutching up with his best ball against the Giants without his top wideout Jordy Nelson.

And as good as Rodgers has been, I’m not sure he’s ever been better and I’d want no part of him or the Packers if I were in the playoffs right now, let alone if I were a team starting a rookie quarterback like Dallas is.

Jerrah, we know historically rookie quarterbacks usually don’t show for the “tournament” but yours had better or them Packers will be one game away from the Super Bowl, and you will feel as low as a crippled cricket’s ass.


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