The Patriots are a couple days away from a divisional playoff game against the Texans. And their former tight end is a couple weeks away from trial for a 2012 double murder in which he’s alleged to have shot and killed two men in a drive-by after they bumped into him in a night club.

Can’t wait until the prosecution calls Aaron Hernandez’s right arm to the stand. How could it not, …considering it’s covered in tattoos commemorating a double murder and a separate time he shot someone in the face.

This is from the Boston Globe. Check this sociopath out—“one image showed a revolver loaded with five bullets, which allegedly represents the five shots fired at the scene (of the double murder). The phrase, ‘God forgives’ was tattooed nearby but written backward so it could be read in a mirror. The tattoo artist also drew a semi-automatic handgun and a spent shell casing and a puff a smoke. The image precisely matches what happened (to another man Hernandez is alleged to have shot in the face).”

Dude. Next time just ink the confession on your forehead and save us all the time. Instead of turning this into some sort of game where we have to decode the murders, just have some freak soder into your face: I killed lots of people. 

Look, our judicial system, while not perfect, is there for a reason. Everyone deserves their day in court. Innocent until proven guilty. But it’s going to be pretty difficult to prove this dude’s not guilty when his ink pretty much suggests he is. Dude went for a permanent badge of honor on a double murder (allegedly).

One thing to go around killing people. Quite another to get ink which says, yeah, I did it  what about it. Yeah, that’s what I thought. 

There’s a word for dudes like that. Sociopath psycho killer. The tattoos are so damn on the nose–that the judge had no choice but to rule them admissible in court yesterday. Talk about twisted: not only was he not trying to hide the fact that he went on a killing spree, but he was proud of it and wanted folks to know it: why else would you ink up after you did it? 


Hernandez probably would have walked detectives to the scene of every crime if they just asked.

This whole thing is chilling isn’t it? We’re talking about multiple murders here—execution style—by a guy who was so damn proud of them that he inked up to commemorate them. A guy that we all watched and cheered for. A guy that caught passes from Tim Tebow and Tom Brady and was coached by urban Meyer and Bill Belichick. And a dude that followed me on twitter.  That’s insane.  I have 1.43m followers; I wonder if there’s an app or an analytic that tells you how many followers you have that committed multiple murders?

I always say we don’t really know these guys. And we really don’t. But I would imagine there’s no one else playing in the NFL that executed multiple people. I think I’m safe in saying that. I think. I hope. 



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