Boomer Esiason

Info & Stats: Former NFL Quarterback and Current CBS NFL Analyst

All Topics: Radio Row | Tim Tebow | Tebow’s run as a Jet | Houston experience himself | Buddy Ryan and Kevin Gilbride | Kyle Shanahan | Deflategate is still a story | Tom Brady needing to rid himself of the Deflategate conspiracy | Down lineman have to get to Tom Brady | Nobody is better against the blitz than Brady | Thinks the Pats will run it down Atlanta’s throat | Julio Jones | Alex Mack’s importance |

Feb 3rd 2017

Boomer on biggest Super Bowl 51 story: “Deflategate.”


Jan 26th 2017 

All Topics: Props Jim | Time in New York | Setup In New York | New England vs. Pittsburgh | Brady and Hood | Matt Ryan | Kyle Shanahan | Matt Patricia | Ben Roethlisberger is not retiring

Boomer on if Ben Roethisberger will retire: “Eye Roll.”


Jan 20th 2017

All Topics: Motley Crue | Vince Neal | Rock N Roll Bands of the 80s | Aaron Rodgers’ play | Antonio Brown Facebook Live incident | Mike Tomlin | Tomlin having some strong words for Brown | Pittsburgh vs. New England | Ben Roethlisberger

Booomer on Aaron Rodgers’ play: “Phenominal.”


Jan 12th 2017

All Topics: Chargers and Rams in L.A. now | Hate when teams leave their city | It all comes down to winning | NFL Playoffs | Seattle vs. Atlanta | Seattle’s experience | Houston vs. New England | Pittsburgh vs. KC | Le’Veon Bell’s greatness | KC needs to stop Bell | Green Bay vs. Dallas | Dak Prescott | New York Knicks problems | Phil Jackson’s poor personnel decisions

Boomer on the Chargers moving to L.A.: “I hate when teams leave their city.”


Jan 5th 2017

All Topics: MVP vote | Connor Cook getting the start for Oakland against Houston | Derek Carr can’t be replaced | Pittsburgh vs. Miami | Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell, and Antonio Brown finally all healthy together for a playoff game | Giants’ players off-day photo | New York Giants vs. Green Bay | Giants’ defense |

Boomer talks Wild Card football.


Dec 16th 2016

All Topics: Xmas party | Rams are bad | Jared Goff is not ready | Seattle’s late fake punt | Tom Brady’s game against Baltimore | Brady’s the greatest ever | What separates Brady from the rest | Patriots vs. Broncos Sunday | Denver can’t get by with below average offense this year | Dallas vs. Tampa Bay

Boomer on Jared Goff: “He’s obviously not ready yet.”


Dec 8th 2016

All Topics: New York Knicks basketball | Chiefs vs. Raiders tonight | Best team in AFC | Baltimore vs. New England Monday night | Two idiots running on the field Monday | Jets vs. Colts | Earl Thomas retirement tweet | Dallas down the stretch of the season

Boomer on the Jets performance vs. the Colts: “A disgrace.”


Dec 1st 2016

All Topics: Ratt litigation | Derek Carr is awesome | Gary Kubiak’s decision to go for 62-yard FG winner | New York Jets defense | Jarvis Landry’s cleats this week

Boomer on Derek Carr: “The kid is awesome.”


Nov 17th 2016

All Topics: Seattle beating New England in Foxborough | Lack of Pats pass rush vs. Russell Wilson | Tony Romo’s presser over Dak Prescott being the starter | Romo’s next stop | New York Giants turnaround | Chicago’s Pernell McPhee saying they’d tear the Giants ass up | Sam Wyche

Boomer on playing for Sam Wyche in Cincy: “Some of the great memories of my career.”


Nov 10th 2016

All Topics: Live From Boomer’s studio | Life for him after the NFL | Brook Lopez drop | Buffalo vs. Seattle 1st half ending | Mo Wilkerson missing his birthday cake | Sheldon Richardson lying | Jets should have gotten rid of Richardson | Richardson and Brandon Marshall getting into it

Boomer on Sheldon Richardson: “This is a guy that just doesn’t get it.”


Nov 2nd 2016

All Topics: Golf game | Bills mafia | Norv Turner reaction | Vikings season | Jamie Collins trade reaction | Cam Newton comments

Boomer on Cam Newton: “I think players are sick and tired of him.”


Oct 28th 2016

All Topics: Robin Thicke’s bump | Bill Cowher upset at the Jacksonville Jaguars effort | Gus Bradley will be job searching shortly | It’s a shame Bradley’s players are treating him this way | Brock Osweiler | Osweiler has to win this week | Want to give Osweiler a little more time to make judgement | Jarvis Landry’s hit on Aaron Williams | New York Giants | This weekend

Boomer on the 2016 Jacksonville Jaguars: “Lost their way.”


Oct 20th 2016

All Topics: Red Robin Thicke | Aaron Rodgers’ play | Aaron’s struggles are on Aaron | Green Bay vs. Chicago tonight | Vontaze Burfict’s antics again | Ryan Fitzpatrick being replaced by Geno Smith | Jets have nowhere to turn | Geno’s lack of leadership | Dallas Cowboys | Dak Prescott vs. Tony Romo

Boomer on Vontaze Burfict’s antics: “A dangerous things.”


Oct 13th 2016

All Topics: Carolina Panthers | Cam Newton | Derek Anderson | Philip Rivers | Cincy vs. New England | Cincy’s run game | Tyler Eifert missing | Bennett and Gronk


Boomer on Philip Rivers: “Hall of Famer.”

All Topics: His Mets losing to Madison Bumgarner in the NL Wildcard | Top end athlete zone | Odell Beckham Jr.’s temperament | Not sure why the Giants are talking about Beckham so much in the media |

Oct 6th 2016

Boomer talks Odell Beckham Jr., Mets, and more.


Sept 29th 2016

All Topics: Cincy vs. Miami tonight | Vontaze Burfict back from injury | Miami injuries | Adam Gase calling his players out | Buffalo vs. New England | Rex Ryan joining Julian Edelman’s conference call | Carson Wentz’s play | Dak Prescott | Russell Wilson’s health | Maine vs. Buffalo

Boomer on Carson Wentz’s terrific play early in his career: “Not surprised.”


Sept 22nd 2016

All Topics: Hockey championship game win | Carson Wentz vs. Chicago | Wentz looked great but they did play two bad teams | Jay Cutler’s future in Chicago | Minnesota Vikings injuries | Washington Redskins | Kirk Cousins’ fantasy numbers | The NFL Today | Everyone on The NFL Today cast enjoy each other

Boomer on Jay Cutler: “I personally believe Chicago has to move on.”


Sept 16th 2016

All Topics: The grind | Rex Ryan’s defense getting humiliated at home | Ryan Fitzpatrick | Jets improvement | Darrelle Revis’ 2016 Season | Brandon Marshall having Revis’ back | Revis not knowing Marquise Goodwin was a sprint champion | Ed Hochuli taking Tyrod Taylor off the field was the correct thing to do

Boomer on his championship hockey game tonight: “I love it.”


Sept 8th 2016

All Topics: Summer was great | Trevor Siemian starting for the defending Super Bowl champs | Von Miller | Cam Newton | Newton being able to bounce back from Super Bowl 51 loss | New England without Tom Brady | Thinks New England will get back to the Super Bowl | Picked Minnesota to go to the Super Bowl | Brandon Marshall saying the Vikings will be better with Sam Bradford | Anthony Munoz | Anthony is one of the greatest humans ever |

Boomer on the start of the NFL Season tonight: “Football wall to wall tell Super Bowl 51.”


Feb 5th 2016

All Topics: Ready to crank up Super Bowl 50 | Peyton Manning – Bartolo Colon comparison | Meeting Cam Newton in 8th grade | Newton becoming the face of the NFL | Wade Phillips | Wade vs. Cam | Carolina not being one dimensional like New England | Thinks Super Bowl 50 will be close | Tom Seaver

Boomer on Cam Newton: “Face of the NFL.”


Jan 21st 2016

All Topics: AFC Championship Game, New England vs. Denver | Matt Patricia vs. Peyton Manning | Denver’s defense | Wade Phillips being the best off-season signing | Antonio Smith’s comments about Tom Brady | NFC Championship Game, Arizona vs. Carolina | Carolina’s defensive line | Pub crawl tonight

Boomer talks Conference Championship games.


Jan 15th 2016

All Topics: NFL Playoffs | Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh game | Cincy imploding and embarrassing him | Just embarrassed by Vontaze Burfict | Burfict’s hit on Antonio Brown | Burfict’s suspension | Adam Jones saying Antonio Brown was faking an injury | Movie ‘Concussion’ | New England vs. Kansas City | Likes New England to win | Denver vs. Pittsburgh | Can’t imagine Ben Roethlisberger playing | Landry Jones

The former NFL quarterback talks Playoffs.


Jan 8th 2016

All Topics: AFC Wildcard Game: Cincy vs. Pittsburgh | History of Cincy vs. Pittsburgh | Cincy’s approach vs. Pittsburgh | DeAngelo Williams ruled out vs. Cincy is a massive blow | Kansas City vs. Houston | Seattle vs. Minnesota | Cold weather in Minnesota | Russell Wilson’s play of late | Green Bay vs. Washington | Green Bay’s wideouts are their problem | Green Bay is a mess | Tampa Bay firing Lovie Smith | Indianapolis keeping Chuck Pagano and Ryan Grigson | Mike Piazza

Boomer on DeAngelo Williams being ruled out vs. Cincy in their AFC Wildcard matchup: “Massive blow.”


Dec 18th 2015

All Topics: Back in Friday | Would be sad if the Rams left St. Louis | Jets vs. Cowboys | Jets need to win out to get in the playoffs | Andy Dalton injury | Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers hatred | NFL should have stepped in the Cincy vs. Pittsburgh | Vontaze Burfict’s issues | Burfict intentionally trying to hurt Ben Roethlisberger | Not believing Burfict’s story | A.J. McCarron – Tom Brady comparison | Star Wars

Boomer on if he’d be upset if the Rams left St. Louis: “I would be.”


Dec 11th 2015

All Topics: Minnesota vs. Arizona | Minnesota’s collapse | Teddy Bridgewater is going through growing pains | Arizona looks really good | Really happy for Carson Palmer | NFC Playoff race | No teams wanting to see Seattle or Pittsburgh in the playoffs | LeSean McCoy vs. Chip Kelly | Being traded before | Locker room lawyer | Hates DeMarco Murray meeting with the owner |

Boomer on DeMarco Murray going around Chip Kelly to meet with Jeffrey Lurie: “I hate that.”


Dec 4th 2015

All Topics: Super Bowl flashback last night | Refs | Last night’s facemask flag to extend game | Replay | Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary to Richard Rodgers | Jim Caldwell’s decisions late | Detroit | Calvin Johnson should have been on the field for the last play | Green Bay still has a lot of problems | Carolina Panthers | New England is still the team to beat | Back to back hockey games tonight

Boomer on Green Bay: “There are big problems there.”


Nov 20th 2015

All Topics: Albuquerque | Dallas Cowboys | Playoff races | Tony Romo’s return | Cincinnati losing to Houston | Tyler Eifert letting Andy Dalton down | Arizona beating Seattle | Thinks Arizona is the best team in the NFC | Carolina Panthers | Peyton Manning | Manning’s injuries | Brock Osweiler | Thinks Peyton will be back | Rex Ryan vs. Patriots | New England’s mindset

Boomer on Peyton Manning: “I’m glad they’re going to let him rest.”


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