Two-time NFL MVP and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is currently playing some of the best football of his entire career. After beating Rodgers and the Packers 30-16 in Week 6 this season, Dallas Cowboys safety Byron Jones will get a second look at the 33-year-old this weekend in their Divisional Round playoff game. Jones told The Jim Rome Show on Thursday what makes Rodgers so special.

“His ability to get out of the pocket and make plays. The guy can run out of the pocket and throw a ball accurately while running,” Jones laughed. “There’s not many quarterbacks in the NFL that can do that. He’s impressive at that. He’s a guy who is going to extend the plays. As DB’s we understand that, if we’re in zone, we got to stay deep. If we’re man, we got to stay on our man. So that’s going to be the main point for our defense on Sunday.”

Starting under center for Jones’ Cowboys is rookie Dak Prescott, who is making his first career playoff start. Jones, being in his second season in the league, is very impressed with what Prescott has done so early in his NFL career.

“It’s funny, because I always like to make the argument that playing defensive back is the hardest position in the league, and it’s hard, but being a quarterback, I think that’s a whole other level, and for a young guy to do that, it’s mind blowing,” Jones said. “You don’t see that often, where young guys, especially at the quarterback position, come in and make meaningful contributions in the way that he has at least, and he’s a special player and he’s going to be a special player for a long time for us, and we all have confidence in him and we all have his back.”

Jones has equal praise for the guy who Prescott replaced, Tony Romo. The former first round pick Jones was blown away by Romo’s concession press conference after he returned from his injury and how selfless the veteran has been throughout the season.

“Just knowing Tony Romo, knowing how competitive he is, for him to almost step aside and say this kid is been playing well, and I’m not going to ruin the chemistry on this team and let him finish that out. That’s impressive. That’s ultimate team player,” Jones said. “That’s one of those things, again, you don’t see in the NFL. A guy who has been playing this position for what twelve, sixteen years to give it to a rookie, an incredible team player, and he’s been supportive along the way, and he’s still supporting him, and he’s making us better on defense when he’s playing scout team quarterback, so he’s still a part of this team and we love him for it.”


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