Usually a midseason Knicks/76ers game isn’t must-see-TV, but with the Knicks being a bigger train wreck than ever before…. and the Sixers working with some crazy Jungle Karma, I knew I had to lock that one in last night. And it was one of the best things I’ve done in a long time.

When a team that’s won, like, 8 games over the last three years –rips one at the buzzer the same day their coach appeared in the jungle– on a jog— you simply cannot deny the karma. It’s real. And it’s powerful. And it never, ever fails.

I long ago, stopped trying to figure out why good things happen to people who come on this show and bad things to those who don’t; I just know it’s true. And that the Jungle Karma doesn’t discriminate. And that it’s foolproof.

Let me reset yesterday’s show for you real quick in case you missed it. I had 6’ers coach Brett Brown on the program in the third hour. And when we connected it was pretty clear my man wasn’t sitting at a desk with a resting heart rate. Dude was running around Philly.

That’s a first. I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ve talked to a lot people. But I’ve never caught someone in the middle of a 10 k using the iPhone earbuds to do the interview.

So, of course, after that epic appearance, it didn’t surprise me at all when the Sixers were down by 1, and the Knicks had the ball—that this happened:


Honesty, after that interview with Brett Brown—could that have gone any other way? The karma is real, ya’ll.

And nice job, Knicks. As if your week wasn’t already bad enough–you chase all that noise with a crazy choke job next time you’ve got the ball with a one point lead and 4 seconds separating the shot clock and the game clock–use the whole clock… and get to the lane for a high percentage attempt or a trip to the line. Air balling a moronic three ball with time left on the shot clock is about the Knicks-iest thing they could do.

Actually, that’s not true. Letting Derrick Rose play in that game—after missing the last one without any notice—is the Knicks-iest thing they could do.

Actually, that’s not true, either. They’re social media account tweeting… and deleting…a poorly captioned photo of Derrick Rose last night is about the Knicks-iest thing they could do.

Check this out: the official Knicks handle grabs a pic of d-rose and Melo chatting it up during a timeout and they thumb out this gem: “communication is key.”

Well played, @nyknicks. Nothing like throwing your own dude through the wood chipper with a “communication is key” caption.

And, of course, after the entire internet jumped all over them to remind them that same guy in the “communication is key” picture just bounced for Chicago without any communication at all—they pulled the tweet and reposted the same picture with the caption “Carmelo Anthony and D Rose chat in the huddle.” Would have been better just to say you were hacked. 

I did call the Knicks a train wreck. But the truth is that train derailed  a long time ago. They’re a trainwreck slamming into a dumpster fire.


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