Everything about the Chiefs look like Super Bowl contenders. Except for the fact that they’re the Chiefs.

Established NFL head coach. Accurate quarterback who plays smart football. One of the most dangerous all-purpose weapons playing. Great pass rush, lock down secondary. That sounds like the ingredients for a bonafide Super Bowl contender, right?

Unfortunately, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs. And while everything about this team seems to ADD UP, there’s just some reason why I can’t shake the feeling that the Chiefs are primed to go 1-and-done this postseason again.

Maybe it’s the fact that the Steelers absolutely KILLED them early in the season. Or maybe it’s that while steady, Alex Smith isn’t Super Bowl caliber.

You KC fans are still killing me for my take on Alex Smith — the one where I broke the news to you that Smith is just good enough to get you beat. Was I wrong? Until I see otherwise, I’m not coming off that point.

Look. They’re good. They won the toughest divisions in football. There’s a helluva lot to like about the Chiefs. Travis Kelce was a MONSTER this season. Tyreek Hill can literally change a football game every time he touches the ball. Justin Houston can be ELITE off the edge. Yet I’m supposed to believe that Alex Smith is going to out-duel Big Ben? That the Chiefs and their 26th ranked rushing defense is going to slow down Le’Veon Bell? And as good as Marcus Peters is, do you really think he’s going to shut down Antonio Brown? If they have him on him at all?

Sure they LOOK the part of a Super Bowl contender. But they have in the past also. And until they go out and do it, they’re still the same old Chiefs to me.

I’m not saying they can’t.  I’m saying they haven’t. And until they do, I’m still skeptical. Especially if Roethlisberger is healthy. Or close to it.

If your team is as good as you Chiefs keep screaming it is, you’ll have no problem with Pittsburgh this weekend. Now, let’s see if they can back up all the junk you’re running.




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