It’s official… the team has confirmed it. The Chargers are moving to Los Angeles for the 2017 season.

So after not having the NFL in L.A. for more than two decades, now, apparently, two teams will have moved there in under a year. And this is a move that everyone saw coming and pretty much no one wanted. Not Charger fans in San Diego. Probably not the Rams. And definitely not the fans here in L.A.

Don’t believe that? Then you didn’t the column jungle legend and L.A. Times columnist Bill Plaschke, the protector of sturgeons penned today: quote: “every relationship is built on honesty, so the San Diego Chargers should hear this as their moving vans are chugging up the 5 freeway on their noble mission of greed. We. Don’t. Want. You.”

So Charger fans don’t want the team to leave. And football fans here in L.A. don’t want them to arrive. Perfect!

Chargers ownership will tell you they didn’t want to make this move. That they did everything they could to get a deal down in San Diego, but ultimately they had no choice. That it was a business decision and they did what they had to do. Fine. But are you really expecting Charger fans to make the drive from San Diego to a city they hate more than anything… to support a team that was ripped from by ownership that they also now hate??

And are they really expecting to win over a new fanbase here in L.A.? If last season taught us anything, L.A. is barely interested in one losing team, they’re not supporting two.

And we’ve already had a look at the Chargers up here: they held training camp in Carson and roughly two dozen people showed up, instead of the thousands who showed up for camp in San Diego.

But it was always going to happen. Once the voters rejected the stadium deal, the Chargers weren’t going to do it themselves, so now they’ll settle for crashing on the couch of the Rams new pad in L.A..

Question is, why now? Because the ballot measure in San Diego failed in November. Dean Spanos obviously felt he wasn’t going to be able to get a deal done; and with the Rams already in L.A, trying to gain traction, he figured he better get his ass up here and start fighting for a share of the market as well.

Chargers will tell you to look at the numbers: that they have a better deal waiting for them in L.A. than anything they could have put together in San Diego. I guess.

But you have to wonder, why is it better to be a tenant, in a city that really doesn’t want you than a city that does. Like…you won’t give us what we want? All right. How about this? How about we go to a city that doesn’t want us?! How’s that taste?


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