And on the same day, the Chargers announced they were moving to L.A., the Rams shocked the world by hiring a 30-year to be their head coach. Washington Redskins coordinator Sean McVay becomes the youngest head coach in league history.

Now, I was on record as saying, the Rams could not afford to jack this hiring up. That just winning in this town isn’t enough. You have to win. And you have to win a certain way. That the guy they bring in to replace Jeff Fisher had to be a star. Had to have some it. Some buzz. Call it and us what you want: plastic. Fake. And obsessed with all the wrong things. You’d be mostly right.

But this is a star driven town; with a crazy competition for the eye balls; and if you people to look at you in this town, and give you their money, you better come with something shiny that has substance. And Sean McVay isn’t a star. But he does have star potential. And a really high ceiling.

And while I think hiring someone that young with that little experience is a huge gamble, I like it. No risk, no reward. It’s a big swing. And a really interesting one. A brass one.

That a guy that young was in that position, and the Rams weren’t the only ones who wanted him, the Niners reportedly loved him too, that tells you what you need to know about him. He’s a prodigy. And a brilliant offensive mind. And he better be. Because the Rams need someone to come in and get them a return on that crazy investment they made in Jared Goff. And McVay might be the guy to do it.

Hell, he made Kirk Cousins look like Drew Brees. I mean, made Kirk Cousins a soon to be $100 million dollar man. So if anyone can get Goff going, it’s McVay; and once he’s figured that out; he can’t start working on what the hell happened to Todd Gurley this past season.

I’m not saying that I know this is going to work. I don’t. But I like it.

He’s a young dude who’s smart enough to know what he doesn’t know. Smart enough to surround himself with at least one guy, in Wade Philips who has done what McVay has never done.

And he is young. And energetic. And this town is obsessed with youth. And shooting up and ingesting what you can to look and feel young. The Rams know this. That’s why they hired the league’s youngest coach ever.


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