And after all the missteps and all the heat the Chargers took with their announcement, they also manage to somehow hire a head coach under the radar. Bills interim head coach Anthony Lynn gets the gig.

But even that label, interim head coach is a bit misleading. It makes it sound like he was a veteran, head coach in waiting. But that’s not true. In fact, the guy was a running backs coach as recently as four months ago. A good running backs coach. A well liked running backs coach. But how the hell do you go from there to here in just four months’ time?

Four months ago he was working under Bills coordinator Greg Roman. Now the guy is a head coach. In the NFL. After never being a head coach on any level before. Hell, he never even ran an offense until this past season in Buffalo. And that was only after he was promoted mid-season by a desperate Rex Ryan who was trying to save his own ass. So, not only do we really not know much about this guy or his actual philosophy, not only is there going to be a huge learning curve for a guy with little experience, he’s also going to have to be the guy to oversee the franchise move from San Diego to Los Angeles as well. That’s a risky hire.

Hopefully, the Chargers know what they’re doing. By judging from the way they’ve handled everything else recently, it’s not like you can give them the benefit of the doubt. Especially considering the last three lines on this guy’s resume reads, Bills, Jets and Browns. Good luck with that.

Good luck with Everything, Chargers.


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