Chargers owner Dean Spanos had to know he was going to get annihilated for deciding to move his team to L.A. but apparently, the reaction was even worse than he anticipated. Apparently, he wasn’t prepared to find out San Diego hates his guts and never wants to see him or any of his family ever again. He wasn’t prepared to get Modell’ed the way he is right now: quote, “it’s awful. I’m human like anybody else. I have emotions.”

Right, you have emotions. And you have billions. And you probably should have used some of it to fund a stadium in San Diego where you belong instead of going to L.A. where no one and I mean no one wants you.

What the hell did you expect, Dean? That people in San Diego would understand you stabbing them in the heart? And that the folks in L.A, would be happy to see you? Well, they’re not, and the folks in San Diego will never forgive nor forget what you’re doing to them. So stop crying about much this hurts. It’s just going to make the people there hate you even more. No thousandaire has any sympathy for a billionaire.

In reality, this is going exactly how you’d expect. Exactly how Spanos should have expected it to go. Horribly. How could it go any other way? No one wants this! No one. Starting with the City of Los Angeles. No one here wants the Chargers. No one here asked for it. And no one here needs it. And the next Charger fan I see here will be the first.

L.A. doesn’t want the Chargers in L.A.. The Rams don’t want the Chargers in L.A. the NFL doesn’t want the Chargers in L.A. and the Chargers really don’t want the Chargers here in L.A. but to quote Rex Ryan… here we are! Here we bleeping are. Even no one, anywhere, wants this, other than Dean Spanos.

But Spanos thinks S.D. burning their Charger gear and generally freaking out because he ripped their team from them is awful. What’s awful is you trying to make yourself out to be the victim here. You ripped a team from a fanbase that loved them. You’re not victim. You’re paying more than a half a bill to leave San Diego because you think you can make even more money in L.A. so I’m sure Charger fans will be happy to tell you you can dry your tears with hundred dollar bills.

It’s pretty hard to figure out what it is that you like about this Dean. Why you’re so much better off here than staying where you belong. Why you’d leave a town that loved you for one that doesn’t give a damn about you. You and your team have no connection to this area. No fan base here.

You can set up shop here, watch the Raiders move to Las Vegas, and the silver and black will still be more popular in L.A. than the Chargers ever will. Just know that.

Also know that you’re going to spend the next two years playing in a 27,000 seat stadium as the JV to a soccer team. Instead of pumping a chunk of it into your own stadium in a town that loves you, you’re going to have to chip off more than a half bill to the league to relocate for the right to be the L.A. Galaxy’s little brother until the Rams stadium is built, so you can then be their little brother; and make no mistake: that’s not your house. That belongs to the Rams.

They’re building it. You’re just some glom crashing on their couch and contributing nothing to it. You’re not offering to pay any rent, or even do any of the dishes. You’re just an unwelcome guest drinking their beer and slamming their grub.

And enough about how you did everything you possibly could to make it work in San Diego. You didn’t. You did everything you could to get the tax payers to pay for it for you, and when that didn’t work, you bounced. You’re worth more than $2 billion bucks; you didn’t need tax payer to get this deal done. Stan Kroenke paid for that stadium you’re going crash in with his own dough. You could have scratched a check or two and made it work in San Diego. But you didn’t want to. That’s fine. Just own it.

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  1. jlprkr says:

    Best article I’ve read so far. Well put and powerful Mr. Rome! Hope the Spanos get to read it and then choke on it…

  2. Robert says:

    Mistakes the Spanos family made in San Diego:
    1. Buying the Chargers football team. (1984)
    2. Firing Don Coryell. (1986)
    3. Little or no community involvement. (33 years)
    4. $68 million dollar bond for improvements to Qualcomm Stadium (1997); it will take ten more years for taxpayers to pay off the bond.
    5. Receiving $1.3 million per year of taxpayer’s money for using the stadium. (Lawsuit settlement)
    6. Not negotiating with the city for a new stadium.
    7. Lying to Charger fans for 33 years.

  3. We the citizens of San Diego built this franchise, not the Spanos family. A one level Balboa stadium wasn’t big enough to satisfy our appetite for AFL football so a second level was added. When the NFL came calling we rallied behind a real sports reporter and sportsman, Jack Murphy, to build what’s now called Qualcomm stadium. San Diego fans have been loyal to a team that has been mediocre for most of those 55 years and a Spanos management that has been pathetic.(12 winning seasons in 31 years). Now, because ‘it’s a business’ we’re suppose to understand. Bullshit! Do we understand when another business moves out of state or overseas to make a HUGE profit?, HELL NO! Jobs are lost, people misplaced and lives are ruined. LAME!

  4. Damn Rome. Mahalo for this bro. Thanks for getting our backs.

  5. Munnster says:

    Bingo! Great column Mr. Rome.

  6. Debbie Allen says:

    Well said the best I have read since all this went down. Thank You

  7. Sergio says:

    Straight fire!

  8. Gary Gilbert says:

    I can’t believe how Spanos runs his business ! My goodness this man along with his 1/2 witted Attorney have run this team into the ground ! The other owners must scratching thier heads in amazement.

  9. THeck says:

    Right on! Screw Spanos.

  10. This is the best written article that I’ve seen about the Chargers leaving. You told it perfectly. As a 26 year Charger season ticket holder thank you for telling it like it is.

  11. Ron Matrangha says:

    Any chance someone buys the LA Chargers and moves them back to SD? Or is that just economically unfeasible?

  12. Mike Ritchie says:

    This is effing outstanding, Jim. The fact is, Spanos pussied out and did the easiest, yet least liked by every single human being, thing possible. I hope he rots up in LA.

  13. john says:

    I agree with you totally. I have always felt that the Chargers were purchased by the Spano’s family as an investment ONLY! They are not a football family they are a money family.
    Everyone knows this move was doubtly dumbest move in the history of the NFL it was to set the team up for sale.
    Sqn Diego needs the Cargers they need a finanical group to purchase the Chargers and do what it takes to built a 80000 seat stadium,
    There is a ton of money to be made BY THE RIGHT PEOPLE!!!

  14. Rita says:

    Perfectly said! Spanos is an idiot! What a stupid move! His father can’t be happy! If Dean Spanos ever worked a day in his life to earn anything he would know better that this is an awful business move! Good luck playing 5th fiddle in a town that could give a rats ass about you!

  15. Brian McLellan says:

    Bravo, Jim Rome.

  16. merrill says:

    How True your words ring!

  17. KT in CV says:

    Every word you said was 100% true Jim. Thanks for saying like it is. F Dean Spanos.

  18. richard young says:

    I still believe Dean wanted out of San Diego for years. And it took him 15 yrs before he could pull the trigger on it. All you have to do is look hoe he treated players like LT, Weddle. He could have set them up with long term contracts. Bu that mean winning seasons, and a new stadium. But y only keeping a few here with multi million $$$ deals made it look good. I believed he fired Marty because he won to much, and he brought in Norm because he knew Norm would eventually loose. I also believe Mike McCoy was in a no win situation. Look at McCoys record when he was at Denver and compare it to what it is and was now. Everything points to Dean Spanos not playing fair and having his own agenda which didn’t include the City or County of San Diego. Nor did in include the players or anyone else attached to the Chargers. This includes the wives, kids or the significant others of the players, coaches, coaching staff, or the office staff. Along with the scouts. or the PR. dept. Radio,

  19. He’s a cheapskate jackass.The idiot ruined that team and everyone is laughing at him.What a creep.Back in 1962 the Chargers own knew they couldn’t compete with the Rams and this moron is going to find out what he knew.What a complete fool.

  20. internationalmegastar says:


  21. The Ghost of Ted Williams says:

    Amen! What an ass.


    And his snake move killed any chance of LA getting the Raiders back too! GO GET HIM RAIDER NATION!

  23. Bryan says:

    Thank you Jim. Apparently Spanos is a carrier of DUMBASSISM, and being a carrier means he’ll never be cured. He’ll sell the team within 5 yrs and then probably buy a soccer team and bring them to Oakland, or Stockton.

  24. Cobbs says:

    Rome is the best. So well said.

  25. Mags says:

    Brutally true. Not even a football fan this year bc of their politics. This is one more reason.

  26. Mark Stanley says:

    As a native of San Diego who has been a fan of the Chargers since they first came in the sixties, I’m happy that sleeze ball Spanos has left just leave the Chargers and start an expansion team in LA if you don’t want to stay in San Diego.

  27. Blake says:

    Thank you Rome for putting that sad excuse for a human being in its place. Charger fans are not responsible for the most greedy owner in football history …. give them hell.

  28. Teresa H. Davis says:

    AMEN!!!!!! I have been a Charger’s fan for over 30 years and still can’t believe what he’s doing to our team!

  29. Silver spoon POS. From the second this wannabe hired a Clinton hack lawyer to represent his demands, it turned into a liar’s sideshow of misinformation and double dealing. Spanos has NO idea what he’s about to experience in LA, they recognize a carpetbagger when they see one. It wouldn’t surprise me if he comes begging San Diego to allow him to build a stadium in Mission Valley or any location the city prefers, after there is a year of disasterous press as he “Fights for LA”. No Dodger logo or billboard at LAX is going to help you Dean in your marketing blitz, hell, LA invented turning a 6 into a 9 and no amount of plastic surgery is going to wipe their memory of what you used to look like before you left your spouse and family, got a boob job and went to find your 33% adoring fans in LA, while tooling around the OC (#wrongcountyDean)

  30. Thomas Marsiglia says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Georgia Frontiere played the city of Los Angeles, Stan Kroenke played the city of St. Louis, and Dean Spanos played the city of San Diego. 2 teams didn’t work in LA even when 1 of them was the Raiders, isn’t going to happen now with the Chargers. The fans and the City of San Diego made the Chargers what they are. Spanos owes us the rights to the Chargers name. It’s the least he could do for the fans and the city that supported the Chargers for 56 years and helped make Spanos a rich billionaire. You should be ashamed of yourself Dean. Karma will find a way to get even with you.

  31. Ron Steger says:

    Great Email. I will never darken my TV screen again to watch the tuck-their-tails-between-their-legs-and-run Chargers. They will continue to slide down the ratings chart just like the Clippers did when they bailed on our fine city. I feel bad for their coaching staff also. Fire them all and try to coach a 3rd rate team to victory. Good-bye forever, Chargers

  32. Tom Ramos says:

    ex-season ticket holder for 15 years here – PRAYING they fail miserably and financially. Maybe some smart cookie can buy them from Spanos for 50% off their current value (which is much less than 2 weeks ago). Brand power is everything, and now Spanos, you have a hated and laughed at brand.

    As silver spoon fed chumps that never struggled in life, you and your sons deserve it Deano!!

  33. gregg says:

    Well said Jim!!!

  34. Kathryn. Klein says:

    I be been a fan for 56 years. We have 4 generations of chargers fans in my family and had season tickets for more than 30 years. I feel like a family member was just killed and Dean Spanos is the murder. The L A Chargers are dead to me. My chargers team is no longer. I hope you choke on your wealth. RIP

  35. Judy Heisel says:

    Right on, Jim. I’m with you on this one, brother; and still feeling burned by the Spanos ticket guarantee. Yes, Chargers fans have a memory.

  36. Denise Wessel says:

    I couldn’t have said it ant better!!! Spanos is and always has just thought about getting money in his pockets! Hi father must be flipping in his grave! Spanos is nothing more than one sorry son if a butch,and that’s being nice!!!!

  37. Tom says:

    Thank you Romey. You cut to the chase and nailed it as usual. Douchebag Dean clearly never had any intention to seriously negotiate a new stadium here unless the city drained their coffers to make it happen. My biggest hope is that he – as I hope and expect he will – screws this up so badly the NFL forces him to sell. He has no business being in the footbal game, because he has demonstrated yeR after year, crappy decision after crappy decision that he has FAR more of daddy’s money than he does smarts.

  38. Couldn’t have said it any better. Thank you for sticking up for San Diego

  39. Caitlin oneil says:

    Born and raised in San Diego it feels like my family and I lost a family member. I went thru a bad divorce and this hurts worse! I love the Chargers and everywhere I went I showed it saying this is Sd represent to every Raider fan at Seaworld etc. All for nothing I will never where Charger gear again. It hurts and stiĺl love Rivers etc but once ur girl cheats on you it’s over. I was with her the night before I woke up and she changed her last name. There is No turning back but it still hurts! Sincerely #1 old Charger fan Sd Pride 4life Go padres! 619

  40. Alinzo says:

    Jim, you couldn’t have summed it up better.

  41. Dennis Del Rey says:

    Why did every other team in the NFL that moved to another city keep their logo. Spanos your an idiot, you don’t even see that the Charger logo means something. I guess because you did nothing with the team just picked the fruits from the tree.

  42. Bill Powers says:

    Truer words were never spoken! Spot-the-hell-ON.

  43. Narrative and reality are often so far apart it’s a joke. The criticism of Dean is just that, a joke. San Diego spent millions on ‘studies’ for a new airport over the past 30 years. What do they have? An inadequate airport that is one of the most dangerous in the nation.

    Spanos has spent over a decade looking for a new stadium LOCATION. He couldn’t even get partnership on that, never mind financing. When you can’t get it done, what do you do, play in a cesspool till it literally falls apart? …because that’s what San Diego would have had him do.

    Would you stay married to a bitch that hates you and laughs at you when you try to change your situation? God help you if you would. As a fan who’s owned season tickets for 15 years and have attended games regularly for over two decades, I wrote off San Diego’s chances of keeping the Chargers at least seven years ago.

    If you want to criticize Spanos, the stadium isn’t the place for it. Criticize him for not knowing how winners win. That’s been a problem since that family bought the team.

  44. cboy619 says:

    Nailed it Jim!! Great article!

  45. Jose says:

    It made more sense for the Raiders to come back to LA, and the Chargers go to Vegas, but I cant understand what is going on here. SD has hated Spanos for a long time. We have prayed and prayed for years, that Spanos would sell the team to ANYONE. Well…at least we have the Padres. -_-

  46. Dale says:

    100% agreed with this one!!! As a San Diego Charger fan since the late 70’s, having season tickets in the late 80’s…. My wife and I are pissed, not mad just friggin pissed!!!! We tried to become a Seattle fan and it was difficult to root for a new team. We tried rooting for the Cowboys, Pittsburgh, Kansas City………It’s just not working…….I said that if Chargers did leave I would become a RAIDER FAN………. That hurts…….. Only if they move here to SD. This hurts more than we can tell you in words. Dean Spanos is a friggin work of %^&*(). I will never watch a Charger game again and will hope they lose every game.This has nothing to do with the players. We stuck by this team through thick and then….. A lot of then but they were our team.
    Screw Spanos and his family Screw you Spanos!!!!!

  47. Robert Juengst says:

    I’d like to add a tiny little bit to this by saying I watched revered coach Jimmy Johnson, on national tv, say that he felt sorry for the aforementioned Spanos. Jimmy, you and Spanos can go hug it out in a million dollar sauna. You lost ALL credibility with that asinine remark. I’m a San Diegan and believe me, Spanos is the LAST person in this mess to feel sorry for. Screw both of you! And Rome, respect, dude.

  48. My thoughts exactly! I never understood why Spanos wouldn’t entertain the Mission Valley location!

  49. Sandi Koetter says:

    Dean, San Diego will always support a winner with great fervor. Get rid of your two brothers, and bring in some talent that can find talent. It wouldn’t hurt to have a coaching staff that appeared to care about their jobs and the team and the fans who support you!!!!!!

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