Chargers owner Dean Spanos had to know he was going to get annihilated for deciding to move his team to L.A. but apparently, the reaction was even worse than he anticipated. Apparently, he wasn’t prepared to find out San Diego hates his guts and never wants to see him or any of his family ever again. He wasn’t prepared to get Modell’ed the way he is right now: quote, “it’s awful. I’m human like anybody else. I have emotions.”

Right, you have emotions. And you have billions. And you probably should have used some of it to fund a stadium in San Diego where you belong instead of going to L.A. where no one and I mean no one wants you.

What the hell did you expect, Dean? That people in San Diego would understand you stabbing them in the heart? And that the folks in L.A, would be happy to see you? Well, they’re not, and the folks in San Diego will never forgive nor forget what you’re doing to them. So stop crying about much this hurts. It’s just going to make the people there hate you even more. No thousandaire has any sympathy for a billionaire.

In reality, this is going exactly how you’d expect. Exactly how Spanos should have expected it to go. Horribly. How could it go any other way? No one wants this! No one. Starting with the City of Los Angeles. No one here wants the Chargers. No one here asked for it. And no one here needs it. And the next Charger fan I see here will be the first.

L.A. doesn’t want the Chargers in L.A.. The Rams don’t want the Chargers in L.A. the NFL doesn’t want the Chargers in L.A. and the Chargers really don’t want the Chargers here in L.A. but to quote Rex Ryan… here we are! Here we bleeping are. Even no one, anywhere, wants this, other than Dean Spanos.

But Spanos thinks S.D. burning their Charger gear and generally freaking out because he ripped their team from them is awful. What’s awful is you trying to make yourself out to be the victim here. You ripped a team from a fanbase that loved them. You’re not victim. You’re paying more than a half a bill to leave San Diego because you think you can make even more money in L.A. so I’m sure Charger fans will be happy to tell you you can dry your tears with hundred dollar bills.

It’s pretty hard to figure out what it is that you like about this Dean. Why you’re so much better off here than staying where you belong. Why you’d leave a town that loved you for one that doesn’t give a damn about you. You and your team have no connection to this area. No fan base here.

You can set up shop here, watch the Raiders move to Las Vegas, and the silver and black will still be more popular in L.A. than the Chargers ever will. Just know that.

Also know that you’re going to spend the next two years playing in a 27,000 seat stadium as the JV to a soccer team. Instead of pumping a chunk of it into your own stadium in a town that loves you, you’re going to have to chip off more than a half bill to the league to relocate for the right to be the L.A. Galaxy’s little brother until the Rams stadium is built, so you can then be their little brother; and make no mistake: that’s not your house. That belongs to the Rams.

They’re building it. You’re just some glom crashing on their couch and contributing nothing to it. You’re not offering to pay any rent, or even do any of the dishes. You’re just an unwelcome guest drinking their beer and slamming their grub.

And enough about how you did everything you possibly could to make it work in San Diego. You didn’t. You did everything you could to get the tax payers to pay for it for you, and when that didn’t work, you bounced. You’re worth more than $2 billion bucks; you didn’t need tax payer to get this deal done. Stan Kroenke paid for that stadium you’re going crash in with his own dough. You could have scratched a check or two and made it work in San Diego. But you didn’t want to. That’s fine. Just own it.

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  1. Phillip Bradbury says:

    might as well to go Las Vegas…they might welcome you there, scumbag

  2. Bobby B says:

    Nailed it, square on the head.

  3. Glenn Jensen says:

    Jim – captured it perfectly! SoCal 4th Generation Charger Fan from 1963 applauds you.

  4. Jeff Stewart says:

    Perfectly said

  5. Dean Spanos is a twit! Enjoy failure in Smog City!

  6. Loyce Bruce says:

    Thank you for putting the facts so clear & correct.

  7. jon evans says:


  8. paul potter says:

    I want to add, almost a sociopath… Dean Spanos scorched earth of San Diego in 2015, then getting his butt handed to him by his fellow owners and going back to San Diego in 2016 saying he would go along with what the city and fans wanted, then saying he doesn’t want to be in Mission Valley, then giving a half ass effort and not working with other civic leaders or hoteliers or even the Padres who all offered some assistance and was met with an inexplicable cold shoulder from Dean…. then to say, even before the vote on Measure C that if he got even 30% of the vote (he got 43%), he would look for another measure to work towards…then, he switches back to going up to Los Angeles… gives his employees no heads up, and an eight minute speech before flying out to avoid the media…. yup… sociopath…. reinventing recent history and playing victim… all the while piggyback riding cities and an owner and wanting more free stuff… big man.. big leader… NOT… and now, he’s surprised to see all the faux paux’s he’s made this week: the new ripped off logo(s), the booing by the Clippers and Kings’ crowds, and no love from San Diego… welcome to the weirdness that is Spanos and his family… cheap, using other people’s money…but he did accomplish one thing… he secured an increase to the value of his family’s team… congratulations… now, please sell it to someone who can really afford to run this organization well…

  9. Bob Gibson says:

    Damn, I have a renewed appreciation for you Jim Rome! You are spot on with the facts, and the city has been loyal Charger fans that got a greedy loser for an owner.

  10. Ken Webb says:

    Fairly obvious two weeks into the 2017 NFL season…yep, no one in LA wants the Chargers.
    His season ticket buyers (ne: professional scalping agencies) can’t sell the tickets they’ve bought, so seats go empty on game day.

    How sad. He is definitely the new Art Modell.

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