Where are all those morons who were looking to bury Aaron Rodgers when the Packers were 4-6. All those imbeciles who said he was distracted because of a celebrity girlfriend and a family he no longer communicates with. Said he couldn’t lead and that he was washed up.

And I’m going to include some of you Packer fans as well. The ones who bought into all that nonsense, and were booing him at Lambeau. The same people who admitted that the team was busted up, but that Rodgers needed to be better than 4-6.

Well, he has been. In fact, this guy has been as good playing that position as anyone who has ever played it since he heard all that noise. The Pack is rolling, playing their best football when it matters most, winning 8 straight, and it’s because of the guy you tried to bench or even worse, retire midseason. Not inspite of him.

And on Sunday, scratched another notch into that big ass belt he rocks. And made another throw that seemed impossible, in an impossible situation. Apparently, drawing it up in the dirt, like some school yard hero… threading perhaps the dime of his career into the hands of Jared Cook, who caught that 36 yard laser and somehow stayed in bounds:

An incredible throw. Although Rodgers himself disagrees, and this cat is photographic in his recall of everything, down to the smallest detail, so he’d know. But I have to say, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him make a throw like that. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any quarterback make a throw like that. And on top of that, it was improvised.

You’re not going to find that play in their playbook. Because it doesn’t exist.  Because as any coach will tell you, there really isn’t a play call for third and twenty. And that was just Aaron Rodgers telling everyone what to do in the huddle, buying time as he rolled left, surveying the field, extending the play as long as he possibly could, waiting, waiting and then firing that missile into the arms of Cook, to set up Mason Crosby’s second 50+ yarder in the game’s final 3 seconds.

An amazing game. With an insane finish as the Cowboys rallied big to tie it, twice in the game’s final five minutes only to have Rodgers carve our their heart and show it to them. Doing it by making impossible throws, and holding onto the ball after a blindside sack by Jeff Heath that could have ended their season. But Rodgers held onto the ball, called his time out and then went Good Will Hunting on all of us. A play, and sequence that even blew his coach Mike McCarthy away.

It really was a mind-blowing throw, in a near impossible situation. And there’s one else who can do it. You need the talent, the arm strength, and the brains to get 11 guys on the same page, in an extremely hostile environment, and then you still have to hit that target with sniper accuracy. The highest degree of difficulty on the sport’s biggest stage. That’s Aaron Rodgers. And there’s never been another like him.


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