What do I always say about twitter? That it’s a loaded gun. And it will go off. Even in the hands of an experienced owner. What else do a I say about twitter? Don’t tweet drunk. And don’t tweet angry.

And I don’t know about the former with regards to Seattle Seahawk, Earl Thomas, but I do know about the latter. After seeing his team get hammered by the Falcons, Thomas thumbed out this beauty:

“Tom Brady has the easiest route… put his ass in our division and see what he does!!! #salty.”

One of the worst takes ever.

Look, I’m a huge Earl Thomas fan. Great player. Tremendous dude. And leader. And one of the biggest reasons the Hawks are out of the tourney so early. But that’s a straight horrible take. And as a tweet. And that’s why, at last check, it had more than 10,000 retweets and 17,000 likes. Because it was that bad. That wrong. Not because people liked what he said. Actually a lot of them did. Because there are a lot of people who hate the Patriots. But that doesn’t make that tweet legit; and a guy like Earl Thomas is way better than that.

I’m all for folks tweeting straight fire. But it better be legit and you better pick your spot. And he couldn’t have picked a worse spot than this.

For a number of reasons. One, he thumbed it out right after his team got jacked and had their season ended by Atlanta. Not the best time to be popping off. In fact, it’s pretty much the worst.

Next. Brady has the easiest route? Put his ass in your division and see what he does. Uhh, Earl, your team plays in what is now the worst division in the NFL. I’m guessing Tom Brady would do just fine in your division. Or any other division for that matter. I mean, he is like, I don’t know, maybe the best quarterback ever. And didn’t he beat you guys in the Super Bowl? As far as him having the easiest route, Brady doesn’t make the schedule. He can’t do anything about it. He can only play the guys who show up and take the field at the same time he does. It’s not his fault, the Texans showed up Saturday: just as it’s not his fault the Texans gave Brock Osweiler 72 mill.

Earl I get it. You’re frustrated as hell. You’re hurt and couldn’t be out there for your fam: a fam that got set on fire by Matt Ryan. Just know this: even without you, the Hawks had their chances; they were in this game, they couldn’t cash their opportunities; Russ Wilson missed on some huge plays. Devin Hester had an 80 yard punt return called back. Brady and the Pats aren’t the issue here, your sieve-like offensive line is.

Which again, is why you don’t want to reach for your phone, when your bent. But he did. And not only did he thumb out that first tweet, but when folks came at him, as you knew they would, he just doubled down: when a fan tweeted a video to Thomas where he gets beat in coverage on a Brady t.d., Earl responds, “did you watch the game this year? I owned Tom Brady. The bs you’re showing, I was hurt, trying to help my team.”

Now you’ve gone down the rabbit hole. Now you’re trading with fans on twitter. And they’re landing the more meaningful blows.

You were hurt? Maybe, but no one wants to hear it if you were healthy enough to get on the field. If you’re on the field, you’re healthy enough to play and you have no excuse. And when the pro-Brady comments continued, Earl hit back with: “brainwashed! I expect that! See you next year.”

Not a good day on the field or off it for the Hawks.


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