Info & Stats: Sacramento Kings Head Coach

All Topics: New book | Life is good | Calling it how he sees it | Letting it rip in his new book | Explains why he wrote the book | Backlash from the book | Kenyon Martin and Carmelo Anthony father part of his book | Should have elaborated on Martin and Anthony more | Hot button of players | Coaching Carmelo | Gary Payton | His time with Gary | He and Gary’s relationship at the beginning | Turning down a Scottie Pippen trade for Shawn Kemp and Ricky Pierce | Cancer battle | Coaches meeting for drinks after games | His future

Jan 16th 2017

George on Shawn Kemp: “Best athlete I’ve ever coached.”


Feb 20th 2015

All Topics: Becoming Sacramento’s head coach | Nervous | Kings organization has been first class | Being the Kings 3rd coach this season | Just wanting his players to enjoy the game | The talent they have | DeMarcus Cousins | DeMarcus’ talents | Comparing Cousins to Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton | What brought him back into coaching | His last season in Denver | Wanting to win | Not a believer in tear downs | Cousins being a legitimate star | JaVale McGee | McGee’s talent | McGee’s mental side of the game

George on his first game as Sacramento’s coach: “I’m nervous.”



Apr 11th 2013

All Topics: Exhibition season | Most enjoyable year of coaching | Injuries to Danilo Galinari and Ty Lawson | Perseverance | Competitive spirit of the team | Galinari tearing his ACL was tough | Eerie feeling in him when Galinari went down | Playing angry and aggressive | On a roll right now | His and Denver Post’s Mark Kiszla’s feud | His approach now | His health | Being the leader of the team | Winning 20 of their last 22 | Their defense getting better as the season has worn on | Ty Lawson being close to returning |

George on his 2012-13 Year: “Most enjoyable season of coaching.”


Jun 04, 2012:

George on guarding Kevin Durant: “There are not a lot of answers to him when he’s making shots.”


Jan 24, 2012:

George on players understanding “Team Play”: “It always has to be first to win a championship.”


Feb 28, 2011:

George on the days leading up to Carmelo Anthony’s trade: “Everyday was a groundhog day, answering the same questions.”


Jun 21, 2010:

Topics: Getting better everyday | Karl fighting throat and neck cancer | Still on a feeding tube | Feels good, excited about NBA Draft and next season | Hated watching the postseason from home | My team has a way of being a little selfish on the offensive end | Next season? | Energy is about 65 to 70 percent of normal | Hoping to be on the bench come November | Kenyon Martin and Chris Anderson’s knee surgery |


Jan 28, 2010:

Topics: Certain matchups fine; some a body short; trades | Figuring out how to play against L.A. without a big | Ty Lawson and Chauncey Billups, 2 point guards playing together in the backcourt | Contract and progress towards making a new deal with the Nuggets | Willing to give them a home town deal being in Denver? | Reaction to J.R. Smith and his personality | Choosing not to suspend Smith | Smith’s huge game; not being served papers by his former lawyer | Smith’s crazy athletic game | Billups upset with A.I. getting the nod for the All-Star game | Kobe, George’s son, now playing in the NBA D-League | Kobe’s future, health and prospects.


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