Another excellent regular season and another one and done for the Chiefs.

And this was the year it was going to be different; this was the year everything was going to change.

They won the NFL’s toughest division. With that, they got the all-important bye… and a game at home, in one of the league’s fiercest buildings; in freezing weather. That’s what they busted their asses all season for. To get that game, at home, with an extra week to rest and prepare….and so Alex Smith and Andy Reid and the rest of them could shut everyone up who said they were good enough to get there but not win once it happened. And they couldn’t do it. And that’s why they’re rapped for it.

Because it happened again. And now Alex Smith and Andy Reid are 1-3 together in the playoffs.

You Chiefs fans shouldn’t be so bent with me. I’m not the one that’s 1-3 in the playoffs; your q.b. and coach are.

Alex Smith: is a good dude. He’s even a pretty good quarterback. But my point several weeks ago, and the one that you got all bent about, was, good isn’t good enough. Especially if it’s only good enough to get you there, but not good enough to go on any run when the postseason starts. And it happened again. One and done, despite the perfect set-up.

I’m not rooting against him or the Chiefs or rooting for the Steelers. They pay me for my takes. My opinions. And my opinion was, Smith hasn’t been a guy who can make enough big plays to lead his team on a deep run in the playoffs. And I was right.

Travis Kelce: ripped the official who called Eric Fisher for holding, a call that nullified their tying two point conversion: “that was horse—, flat out.  He shouldn’t be able to wear a zebra jersey ever again. He shouldn’t even be able to work at f__- foot locker.”

Look, dude was frustrated. And he had his guy’s back. And the foot locker blast was solid. And it did suck to take those two points off the board. But when you’re playing at home in the playoffs and you lose, it’s hard to say it’s because of just one call.

Especially since it was the right call. That was holding. It was. I know, I know, Chiefs fans: it may have been holding but the ref never makes that call in that situation. Actually, they do. Not always. But they do. And because they do, you don’t put it in the officials’ hands. Just block the 38-year old dude in front of you and there is no issue.

Also, Chiefs fan wants you to know, Harrison just fell down and he wasn’t going to get to Smith anyway. Looked to me that he didn’t just fall down, he was wrestled down. And how do you know he wasn’t going to get to Smith?! And back to the original point. It was holding. And considering you had a week off, and you were playing at home, in a critical playoff game, no one wants to hear how one call cost you the game. Especially if it was the right call.


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